Making Art Out Of Renewable Energy

Art Energy Design's Pittsburgh Power Flower
Art Energy Design’s Pittsburgh Power Flower.
Art Energy Design

Art Energy Design has launched its first project, the Pittsburgh Power Flower, a twelve foot wind driven kinetic sculpture in the form of a giant potted sunflower. The sculpture uses the sun and wind to generate energy with a wind turbine driven by spinning flower petals and photo voltaic solar film leaf surfaces. The sculpture provides public access to DC power for laptops, phones, and other electrical devices. The flower also powers colored LED lighting for dynamic night illumination.

Electronic controllers to maintain safe power levels and programmable lighting options are housed within the base of the sculpture which also provides space for graphics and mission statements. The sculpture is designed to be readily transported and sets up easily for events and exhibitions.

David Edwards, founder of Art Energy Design explains, “The attention grabbing nature of large kinetic artworks is a great way to open a conversation about energy generation within the urban landscape.”

The U.S. Department of State contacted Art Energy Design requesting a proposal for 30 Power Flowers as potential gifts for the G20 delegates.

Art Energy Design creates public sculpture as well as designing sustainable technology application tools. The team is currently taking orders for custom sculptures for schools, businesses, and institutions at large.

The Power Flower sculpture, which is featured in the second Annual Art + Technology Exhibition, is currently on display in front of the 2000 Technology Drive building, where the Pittsburgh Technology Council is headquartered. Visitors can see it at this location until August 31, 2009.

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