600 Megawatt Wind Farm In West Texas

wind farm in west Texas
Exploiting wind energy potential in Texas,
(cc) Jeff Walton

A-Power Energy Generation Systems, a leading provider of distributed power generation systems in China and a fast-growing manufacturer of wind turbines, has been designated to supply wind turbines to a China-U.S. joint venture project to develop a 600 megawatt wind farm in West Texas.

At a joint press conference held at the National Press Club of Washington, D.C., it was announced that Shenyang Power Group, the U.S. Renewable Energy Group, and Cielo Wind Power LP, signed a joint venture framework agreement setting forth plans for developing the 600MW wind farm. The terms of the JV Agreement include the JV Project’s plans to sign a definitive purchase agreement with A-Power related to the purchase of up to 240 units of 2.5MW wind turbines. The JV Agreement includes a delivery schedule starting in March 2010, subject to SPG securing third-party financing, among other conditions. A-Power currently has an annual production capacity for 1.1GW of wind turbines at its 320,000-square-foot facilities in Shenyang. A-Power is a shareholder of SPG.

The JV Project, which when established will be 49% owned by SPG, with the rest of the equity ownership held by US-REG and Cielo Wind jointly, is expected to be one of the largest wind farms in the United States. Upon completion, it is anticipated to generate enough electricity for 180,000 homes in America. The JV Project is expected to cost in total approximately $1.5 billion, a portion of which is designated for wind turbine purchases, and its establishment is subject to, among other things, further due diligence by the parties, the securing of financing from commercial banks in China, and other project development conditions.

“A-Power welcomes the opportunity of participating in this high-profile wind power project in the United States,” said Mr. Jinxiang Lu, Chairman and CEO of A-Power and CEO of SPG. “As both a supplier to the JV Project and an equity-owner of SPG, A-Power will be able to export its wind turbines for the first time and reduce its exposure to the intrinsic risks associated with such a large-scale project. We like the tremendous opportunities in the United States, which is the world’s largest wind power country. We are cognizant of the recent policy push by the Obama Administration in the renewable energy sector, and a stabilizing financing environment for renewable energy projects. And we are attracted to the track record of Cielo Wind, the largest privately held wind power project development company in the Southwest United States, with a 16% market share for wind power installation in Texas. In this JV Project, and the sales we expect to make to the joint venture, all of A-Power’s previous investments — in
production scale, in foreign technology licenses, and in alliance with other power plant service companies — are expected to come to fruition, and we look forward to entering into a sales agreement with the JV Project and moving ahead with the production schedule as set forth in today’s JV Agreement.”

A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd., through its China-based operating subsidiaries, is the largest provider of distributed power generation systems in China, focusing on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly projects of 25MW to 400MW. In 2008, A-Power entered the wind energy market and has built China’s largest wind turbine manufacturing facility, located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, with technologies licensed from German Fuhrländer AG and Denmark-based Norwin, and a total annual production capacity of 1,125MW. In March 2009, A-Power entered into an agreement to establish a Joint Venture partnership with GE Drivetrain Technologies to produce wind turbine gearboxes in Shenyang. A-Power also has strategic relationships with Tsinghua University in Beijing and the China Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou to develop and commercialize other renewable energy technologies.

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