Wind Turbine Icing and Ice Prevention Forum

November 6 & 7, 2017 - Berlin, Germany

Wind Turbine Icing and Ice Prevention Forum

Improving Wind Turbines Reliability and Mitigating Icing Risks to Drive Greater Efficiency

Discover cost-efficient solutions to cut the productivity losses related to wind turbines icing. The Wind Turbine Icing and Ice Prevention Forum are set up to be interactive for the attendees to get involved into the experience-sharing process and to tackle existing problems in real-time discussions. Use your chance to get the most out of the great benchmarking, networking and business opportunities!

Key Learning Benefits

  • Discover the ways to prevent wind turbine icing
  • Discuss the ways to mitigate the negative effects of the wind turbine icing
  • Learn how to overvome icing-related safety issues
  • Gain an insight on current tools and techniques being applied
  • Learn how to minimize icing-related O&M costs
  • Discuss the technical challenges and strategies of maintenance and service in icing climates
  • Get an overview of the development perspectives of the existing anti-icing solutions

Major outcomes

  • Overcome the reliability issues of de-icing and ice-detecting systems
  • Employ in the recent developments of the anti icing coatings, new design materials and monitoring systems
  • Minimize your power losses up to 15-20%
  • Develop an effective O&M strategy in respect of the icing risks
  • Maximize productivity through predictive maintenance approach

Industries participating

  • Wind Power
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Engineering
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Technological solution providers
  • Service providers

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