Wind Optimization & Maintenance Canada 2016

November 29 & 30, 2016 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wind Optimization & Maintenance Canada 2016

Master all weather O&M, optimize human resources and maximize availability to boost AEP at Canada’s #1 event for wind O&M business leaders and service specialists.

With turbines maturing and asset managers facing an uphill battle to manage budget pressures, the 3rd Annual Wind Optimization & Maintenance Canada 2016 will be a can’t miss event for 200+ Canadian wind executives looking to boost AEP and optimize their workforces.

5 Key Reasons to Attend in 2016!

  • NEW O&M CASE STUDIES: Get a grip with O&M anytime, anyplace, any weather when you evaluate only the most innovative blade, gearbox and bearings techniques used by owners now to truly boost AEP
  • SMART DATA & DECISION MAKING: Benefit from exclusive owner-led CMS case studies that demonstrate in detail how CMS systems have been used to identify symptoms and expedite fault remediation with net revenue benefits to Canadian wind farms
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT (Part 1): Understand how to best execute warranty rights, optimize owner-OEM communication to exceed availability & energy yield targets from all your turbines
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT (Part 2): Face up to the challenge of post-warranty transition, understand what service model works at what fleet scale and take home unique lessons learned from the best self-service owners, OEMs & ISPs north of the border
  • PEOPLE DOLLARS & SAFETY: Learn how to rethink human capital when you receive exceptional peer led insights covering scheduling, maximization of people dollars and the safeguarding all your resources to achieve more but risk far less

Best New Features for 2016!

  • Reimagine Peer-to-Peer Networking: Take advantage of 6+ hours of structured executive networking sessions to connect you with the expertise you never knew you were missing!
  • All New Cold Weather Tech Showcase: The most innovative cold weather O&M solutions will expose truly game changing products that are set to improve the business case for cold climate turbines for good
  • Develop from Big Data to Smart Decisions: Get a unique chance to evaluate vendor ROI and understand what AEP gains your turbines could be making with retrofit and upgrade system investment
  • Delve Deeper in the Best Owner Case Studies: Use our pioneering conference Q&A & live polling tool to get beneath the surface of all expert presentations and better target the insights you need the most

Agenda Highlights

  • A New Era for Effective Turbine Inspections?
  • Need for Speed – How Are Innovative Self-Hoisting Crane Systems Going to Revolutionize the Canadian Supply Chain?
  • Oil Management Masterclass – Ensure Clean Running & Increase Component Longevity
  • Why Are We Still Talking About This? Resolving Blade Maintenance & Risk Mitigation
  • Integrating Lessons Learned Back into Blade Design
  • It’s Getting Cold in Here – Mitigate Risk of Energy Loss in Harsh Climate Operations
  • All-New Owner-Moderated Vendor Speed Demos & Q&A
  • Wrapping Up for Winter – Protection of Critical Turbine Systems
  • Balance of Plant (BOP) Access, Maintenance & Maintenance Value/ Lessons Learned
  • Supply Chain Risk Spreading
  • Have We Found Proof that CMS Provide Net Benefits?
  • Peer Roundtables: How to Achieve True Value from CMS Investment
  • Using SCADA to Improve Your Power Curve Performance
  • Failure Rate Benchmarking – Gains and Best Practice
  • Integrate Your Data Toolkit – Am I Able to Take Control of Asset Information to Make Good Decisions
  • Squeeze All the Juice – Power Boost Economics vs. Life Extension
  • Am I Getting the Most Value from my OEM?
  • Lessons from Across the Border – Approaching a Post Warranty Service Market
  • Making the Transition – What model is for me?
  • People Dollars – What is the Best and Safest Workforce Management Approach?
  • The Value of Safety Standardization
  • Emergency Response in Remote Locations