Wind Operations & Maintenance Canada 2017

December 4 & 5, 2017 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wind Operations & Maintenance Canada 2017

Wind Operations & Maintenance Canada 2017 will be a ground-breaking and business insights driven analysis of what’s required to truly capture every MWh and enhance overall project AEP at all wind sites. Hear from wind Operations and Maintenance experts explain how to revolutionize your wind O&M strategy to maximize lifetime profitability.

5 key reasons why attending Wind O&M Canada will allow you to truly optimize and perfect your wind O&M strategy:

WTG component failure, servicing and repair case studies: Delivered by operators, OEM’s and ISP’s will demonstrate why certain components have failed and how they were repaired, so you improve your ability to manage unscheduled failures and non-scheduled repairs.

The very latest predictive and preventative maintenance strategies: That will help you improve maintenance scheduling and resource management to increase MWh and profitability against your budget.

Build a Data-Driven Wind O&M Strategy: Learn how to 1) Identify, combine, and manage multiple sources of data (CMS, SCADA, and on-site inspection data), 2) build advanced-analytics models to extract what is relevant for predicting and optimizing turbine performance monitoring and power forecasting; and 3) manage corporate digital transformation.

Master O&M contract planning & management for better warranty ROI: Make the most profitable decisions about warranty contract planning, asset management and contract renewal – based on your appetite for risk, company size and WTG characteristics.

Optimize O&M resources to improve your bottom line: Receive the asset manager’s perspective on how to technically and financially enhance asset management strategies across the board, including contracting structures, supply chain management and budgeting.