Waterpower Week 2016

April 25 to 27, 2016 - Washington DC, USA

Waterpower Week

You won’t want to miss the chance to network at in Washington. Our networking activities give you a chance to meet other professionals in the industry and unwind with your peers after conference hours have ended.

Waterpower Week includes …

National Hydropower Association Annual Conference – Every year, the National Hydropower Association holds its Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. The event brings together the industry’s collective knowledge on a diverse set of topics. The 2016 Annual Conference theme is: Strengthening Our Economy. Protecting Our Future.

International Marine Renewable Energy Conference – Now in its second year, IMREC brings together individuals interested in marine energy to share challenges, find solutions, and continue to move the marine industry forward.

Marine Energy Technology Symposium – The 4th annual METS will provide a venue where technical experts can publish and present wave and water current energy research that helps accelerate the pace of technology development.

Program Highlights

  • NHA Legislative Update and Outlook – 2016
  • Relicensing: Emerging Trends and Effects on Small Hydro
  • Building the Future Hydro Workforce – Recruitment Insights
  • Perspectives from European Union and U.S. Department of Energy Leaders
  • Communicating and Elevating Hydropower’s Message
  • Implementing Your FERC License – What’s New?
  • Aging Civil Infrastructure – Solving a $21 Billion Problem
  • It’s Happening! U.S. Projects in the Water – Lessons Learned; Movement toward Commercial Reality
  • Show Me The Money! Market Trends in Project Financing
  • New Technologies: Innovation to Advance Hydrokinetic Energy and Distributed Generation for Remote Communities and Aquaculture
  • NGO Perspectives: Finding Common Ground
  • Pumped Storage – the Answer to the Energy Storage Challenge?
  • U.S. Legislative and Government Funding Support of Marine Energy
  • Clean Power Plan: State Implementation Status – What It Means for You
  • Dam Removal and Decommissioning: Learning from Experience
  • A World of Opportunities – Development and Export Potential
  • Water Management – Dealing with Drought, Flooding, Climate Change
  • Policy and Regulatory Environments in the U.S. and the E.U.
  • The Hydro Brief: Examining Current Legal Issues and What They Mean to You
  • Focus on Finance: Securing Support for Commercial Projects