Largest Operating Solar Plant In New Jersey

Vineland Solar One Partnership and SunPower Corp. have completed a 2.3 megawatt solar power system being constructed at the Landis Sewerage Authority in Vineland, New Jersey. When fully built next year, it will have a capacity of 4.1-megawatts and be the largest operating solar power system in the state.

Vineland Solar One Partnership, which developed and financed the project, is a consortium of organizations including Conectiv Energy, the Vineland Municipal Electric Utility (VMEU), the City of Vineland, and the Landis Sewerage Authority. SunPower designed and is constructing the system. Conectiv Energy owns the solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) associated with the system.

“I applaud the partnership of public and private organizations that was formed to bring this major new solar development to our state, and help New Jersey meet its aggressive clean energy goals,” said New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. “The Vineland Solar One partnership complements the Energy Master Plan I presented last year, which will strengthen New Jersey’s economy by reducing consumers’ overall energy expenditures, creating jobs, improving the current energy infrastructure and meeting our environmental goals.”

“We are extremely happy with the project and the partnership,” said Vineland’s Mayor Robert Romano. “The project not only provides clean, renewable energy for our citizens, it does so in a way that saves money for our Electric Utility and Sewerage Authority customers. Vineland Solar One is a win for all involved.”

“We are proud to take a leadership role in renewable energy development, and have enjoyed the cooperation of our local partners in Vineland,” said Gary Morsches, president and CEO of Conectiv Energy. “This high-efficiency solar power system will provide clean, reliable solar power while improving the quality of the environment for the greater Vineland community.”

The Vineland Solar One solar plant features SunPower solar panels, the most efficient solar panels available on the market today, installed on a ground-mounted, fixed-tilt system. The plant will displace approximately 10.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide per year over the expected 30-year life of the technology, which is equal to removing more than 860 cars from New Jersey’s highways annually, according to calculations provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

“Solar power makes good sense today for utilities, public agencies, businesses and homes,” said Tom Leyden, managing director at SunPower. “With SunPower’s high-efficiency solar technology, forward-thinking organizations such as Conectiv Energy and their local partners are maximizing the production of emission-free, renewable solar power and the long-term benefits it delivers.”

Conectiv Energy is the competitive wholesale energy producing subsidiary of Pepco Holdings Inc. The company is an asset-backed merchant energy business using risk management tools, regional expertise, and intellectual capital to optimize the value of its regional energy portfolio in the wholesale energy marketplace.

Founded in 1899 when local utilities could not provide electric service for street lighting for the City’s main thorofare, Vineland Municipal Electric utility has grown to become the largest municipal electric utility in New Jersey. VMEU is also unique in that it is the only municipal electric utility in the State that owns and operates its own generation. The utility provides retail electric service to all of the residents and businesses in Vineland.

Founded in 1985, SunPower Corp. designs, manufactures, and delivers the planet’s most powerful solar technology broadly available today. Residential, business, government, and utility customers rely on the company’s experience and proven results to maximize return on investment. With headquarters in San Jose, California, SunPower has offices in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

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