Utility Scale Solar Summit

November 14 & 15, 2017 - Beirut, Lebanon

Utility Scale Solar Summit

The Middle East and Levant region returns with critical infrastructure being a priority for large economies who have massive requirements to deliver projects driven by population growth and need to diversify their economies.

Utility scale projects in the region are coming into fruition with Jordan, Saudi and Egypt heading towards second and even third rounds. Lebanon’s first round is a pivotal moment for the solar industry and provides the sector a boost of confidence in the region.

Lebanon does not lack experience in delivering commercial-scale solar installation, however in 2017 utility scale 150MW opportunities will be the game-changer. The recently updated National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP 2016-2020) provides clear guidelines for delivering targets and given the high potential for development of the Solar PV plants the opportunity has been ear-marked to be as large as 1000MW.

The Utility Scale Solar Summit is the pivotal place for Middle Eastern, European and North Africa utilities to further develop new relationships to win business.

The strategic programme will be led by utility solar companies from the region, international EPCs, O&Ms from the international community. Experts showcasing their products will experience tailored sessions that focus on business development and knowledge sharing of the latest industry trends.

  • Understand the National Renewable Energy Action Plan of Lebanon
  • Understand the status of solar and wind in the region, emphasising strengths and benefits
  • Discuss plans, regulatory updates procurement models, and construction strategies to deliver solar and wind projects
  • Explore different solar and wind solutions to implement renewable energy production
  • Showcase the latest advancements in solar and wind technologies

Agenda Highlights

  • Outlook and future of Lebanon’s renewable energy and solar photovoltaic project opportunities
  • Overview on the LCEC National Renewable Energy Action Plan
  • The Role of the Order of Engineers and Architects in the Energy Sector of Lebanon
  • Implementation of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan to deliver capacity of 767 ktoe by 2020
  • Financial & Legal Panel Discussion: Understanding the current regulatory framework for Solar Energy Projects
  • Syrian Crisis Debate: Discussing the impact of Syria’s crisis on the Lebanese power sector
  • Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan Opportunities: Arab project’s opportunities and challenges
  • Jordan Project Opportunities: What are the current opportunities and solutions required for delivering Solar Projects in Jordan?
  • Establishing Joint Ventures Presentation: Determining the most strategic way to enter new markets and accelerate growth in the renewable energy sector
  • Insurance Presentation: Protecting Solar Projects with Insurance
  • Innovative Presentation: Solar Car Race
  • Mediterranean Plans Presentation: Arab Communities Adapting to Global Economic & Climate Change
  • Scalability of solar PV: An overview of how the growing renewable energy sector will affect local businesses
  • O&M Case Study: Optimising performance and to carry out the required maintenance of each solar farm
  • Green Building Council initiatives in the Energy sector

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