US Offshore Wind 2017

May 8 & 9, 2017 - Long Island, New York, USA

US Offshore Wind 2017

Secure your market share as top wind stakeholders pursue offshore wind expansion across the USA.

Conference Highlights

Developer perspectives: Hear developers present their planned projects and strategies, supply chain requirements and the market conditions needed for project success.

Offshore Wind Supply Chain Development: Learn what is required to achieve a market of scale in the U.S. including infrastructure requirements, foundation design, construction planning, manufacturing, staging & assembly and O&M planning.

Partnering and Joint Venturing Opportunities: Connect with industry experts and join a community of EPC’s from Oil and Gas and U.S. Onshore Wind that are looking to identify industry collaborators from the USA and Europe.

Transitioning into the U.S. Offshore Wind Supply Chain: Review upcoming projects and commercial opportunities against your capabilities so that you can anticipate the opportunities to diversify into the offshore wind sector.

Policy and Financial Frameworks: Receive a detailed review of successful offshore wind support mechanisms and proposed ORECs necessary to stimulate market growth.


Rules, Regulations & Political Landscape – Receive important announcements from government and state legislators so you understand the regulatory and political risk that exists in federal waters and those of individual states.

Getting Under 10C kWh – Listen to offshore wind veterans explain the best possible pathway to reduce the “levelized cost of energy” (LCoE) to 10c kWh for offshore wind in the USA, and how to remain competitive against other sources of power.

State by State Development Plan – Understand, state-by-state, where the best possible development opportunities are, what is required to develop them and which developers are going to lead the offshore wind industry into fruition.

Financing Multibillion-Dollar Offshore Wind Projects – Hear from experienced banking and finance institutions share recommendations for multi-party financing involving commercial banks and other institutions for risk-sharing and pooling of resources and expertise.

Companies By Sector

  • Project developers and operators
  • Utilities, power generation and energy companies
  • Components / materials and equipment manufacturers
  • Wind turbine manufacturers
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Marine contractors and shipyards
  • Finance, insurance and legal services
  • Consultancies and service providers
  • Installation and logistics
  • Certification and classification bodies
  • Public Authorities
  • R&D Institutes and Universities