A Tidal Power Bridge

artist concept of a tidal power bridge
A tidal power bridge: transportation and clean, renewable energy.
World Energy Research

World Energy Research and Blue Energy Canada have signed a joint agreement in which World Energy Research will finance the development of Blue Energy Canada’s first 200 MW commercial tidal power project at a cost of roughly half a billion dollars. World Energy Research, which specializes in the development and commercialization of green energy technology, chose Blue Energy’s resource-driven tidal power design over other technologies in the emerging tidal power sector.

“The Blue Energy vertical-axis turbine represents two decades of Canadian research and development, which generates an inexpensive, non-exhaustible source of environmentally-safe electricity to power the world’s energy needs,” says Blue Energy Canada’s CEO, Martin J. Burger.

BusinessWeek Magazine in its article ‘Innovation from Recession’ listed Blue Energy’s discovery number one out of the top 20 most important technologies of the next 10 years.

“After exhaustive research, World Energy Research found several companies capable of producing small amounts of energy, but none on the scale of Blue Energy’s Davis Tidal Turbine, which was developed specifically to harness tidal power on a utility scale,” said Chad Willis, Managing Director of World Energy Research. The partnership between World Energy Research and Blue Energy Canada promises to be an exciting time in the upcoming commercialization of this game changing technology, harnessing the world’s largest untapped renewable energy source.

The project will consist of modular turbine units stacked upon each other, extending from the ocean floor to the water surface. Besides harnessing much of the kinetic energy of the water passing through the turbines, the structure can also serve as a transportation bridge connecting two land masses for vehicular traffic. The structure is designed to capture only about fifty-percent of the water flow, allowing a significant part of the waterway open to sediment transfer and sea life.

World Energy Research is an independent energy research, exploration, management and operating company that specializes in low-risk, secure, private placement energy investments. Its mission is to create partnerships with leading energy companies on the forefront of technology, making the latest and most productive projects in the world energy market available to its investors.

Blue Energy Canada is a green energy technology company commercializing the Davis Hydro Turbine, capable of converting tidal currents into firm, renewable electricity.

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