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OGA Conference 2017: Spotlighting Geothermal EnergyOGA Conference 2017: Spotlighting Geothermal Energy

The 7th annual OGA Conference 2017: Spotlighting Geothermal Energy will welcome leaders in the geothermal industry from across North America. It will be the must-attend networking and knowledge building opportunity of the year for this sector.

J & R Herra GeothermalJ & R Herra Geothermal

J & R Herra Geothermal contractors and technicians are experienced and specialized in the latest geothermal advances. To date, we have installed, repaired, and/or maintained over one-hundred geothermal units in the northern Illinois area.

5th World Geothermal Energy Summit 2015

Over the past 5 years, geothermal installed capacity has grown almost 1,800 MW in just the 15 fastest-growing jurisdictions: Kenya, the United States, Turkey, New Zealand, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, China, Australia, Romania, and Taiwan. But the real news here is that, going beyond the surface with an analysis of the

GeoPower & Heat Summit

Capitalise on new opportunities around the world! The GeoPower & Heat Summit is the most commercial event in the geothermal industry with more senior international and regional developers. It is a platform to build new partnerships, explore strategic solutions to the universal challenges of development and identify new opportunities around the world. New in 2015

Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean

In the wake of a record year for GEOLAC in 2014, New Energy Events is excited to announce that GEOLAC 2015 will be hosted in Nicaragua, a dynamic energy market, one rich in geothermal, and one with a clear roadmap to future development. GEOLAC is co-hosted by the World Bank Group. Across other markets in

45 MW Tikitere Geothermal Power Project in New Zealand

Steaming Falls near Tikitere, Rotorua, New Zealand. (cc) Colin Cookman Ormat Technologies has entered into a Build, Operate and Transfer Agreement (BOT Agreement) with Tikitere Geothermal Power Limited (TGL) to explore, develop, supply, construct, own, and operate a geothermal power plant in the Tikitere geothermal area near Rotorua, New Zealand. Ormat was awarded the project

Striking Geothermal Steam in Menengai, Kenya

The Menengai Geothermal Field in Kenya has a potential of 1,600 megawatts. GDC Kenya’s state-owned Geothermal Development Company (GDC) has struck steam in the Menengai volcanic caldera in Kenya. The company said the first well in the Menengai Geothermal Project, located in Nakuru County, was successfully completed and it is now undergoing tests to ascertain

Iceland Volcano's Molten Rock Could Become Source of High-Grade Energy

An incandescent lava flow winds its waydownslope from a vent at Iceland’s Krafla volcano. U.S. Geological Survey Geologists drilling an exploratory geothermal well in 2009 in the Krafla volcano in Iceland met with a big surprise: underground lava, also called magma, flowed into the well at 2.1 kilometers (6,900 feet) depth. It forced the scientists

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