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Renewable Energy Project FinanceRenewable Energy Project Finance

Renewable energy power facilities powered by resources like wind, biomass, geothermal hydro, or solar technologies are attracting investment worldwide at breath-taking pace. Renewable Energy Project Finance will explain how such transactions have come to be so popular, how they are funded and structured, and how they differ from conventional thermal-based power deals.

Renewable Energy Cash Flow ModellingRenewable Energy Cash Flow Modelling

With Renewable Energy Cash Flow Modelling, discover the best way to set-up a cash flow model for renewable energy projects starting from scratch and understand how certain project structures are transformed into an integrated cash flow model used for scenario analysis and investment decisions.

Financial Modeling for the Energy IndustryFinancial Modeling for the Energy Industry

The Financial Modeling for the Energy Industry course is designed to help delegates build a financial model to best practice standards for project finance. The general logic and overall approach will be demonstrated; then you will step through developing a model: handling inputs, building detailed calculations and creating final outputs.

ERCOT Market Summit 2017ERCOT Market Summit 2017

ERCOT Market Summit 2017 will examine changing market rules and drivers, and bring policy-makers together with utility, solar, wind, IPP, and other executives to explore the potential solutions and opportunities.

Projects & MoneyProjects & Money

Join leading project developers and capital providers as they gather in New Orleans to set the deal-making agenda for 2017.

Making Energy WorkMaking Energy Work

What is North Carolina’s opportunity in the global energy economy, and how are we going to seize it together? This year’s Making Energy Work conference will answer this question and explore next steps for all attendees at the 8th annual event, October 3 & 4 in Raleigh.

The Future of Renewable Energy Financing in BrazilThe Future of Renewable Energy Financing in Brazil

Over the past two months Brazil has experienced a monumental political paradigm shift; a shift which experts predict will see the introduction of business-friendly policies as Brazil recovers its economy and increases investor confidence. In light of macroeconomic developments and in preparation for the launch of the inaugural BIREC, Green Power is hosting a free

CapX PartnersCapX Partners

CapX Partners has been providing capital so that quality companies have the resources they need to grow. Since its inception in 1999, CapX has helped corporations in the energy industry by funding machinery to support more efficient energy output.

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