Solutions for Offshore Wind O&M

Solutions for Offshore Wind O&M

Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance (O&M) expenditures make up almost a quarter of the total lifetime costs of an offshore wind farm, which is higher than for similar onshore installations. Taking into account the recent EU regulations and the tendency for increasing the distance between offshore wind farms and the shoreline, the issue of cost and risk management and reduction arises.

Perceiving the need of the Offshore Wind industry, BIS Group s.r.o., a leading business intelligence service group, has organized an exclusive Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum taking place September 20th and 21st this year in London, UK.

The Forum will be held specifically to disclose the best practices and innovations in turbine and blade designs, including application of lightweight materials, improvement of equipment reliability, and operational risks and cost reduction and management. Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, Top Managers, and Analysts engaged in the offshore wind industry through 2-day practical case studies, in-depth panel discussions, interactive sessions, and workshops will also discuss and share their experience on approaches to effective O&M and offshore wind turbine decommissioning. The small-scale nature of the event, high caliber speakers, and balanced spectrum of attending companies will ensure extensive networking and business opportunities.

BIS Group — the Business Intelligence Services company — believes that knowledge is the most powerful asset, especially in the context of time and money. The company works with top professionals, global leaders, and experts active in oil and gas, energy, construction, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, management, and financial services. BIS Group provides an exclusive platform supporting ambitious, progressive, and forward-thinking companies, empowering them with the best market practices for today’s fast changing markets.

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