Sanyo Opens Solar Module Plant In Mexico

Sanyo's solar modules in a backyard residential roof
SANYO’s HIT solar modules in place.

Sanyo Energy has started production at its solar module plant in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The plant will be assembling Sanyo’s patented HIT (Heterjunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer) solar modules, the final step in the process for finished goods in solar module manufacturing. Sanyo’s HIT solar cells and modules have the world’s highest solar light-to-electric energy conversion efficiency per installed square foot.

Sanyo Energy will be producing at a capacity of 50-Megawatts annually, with the assembled panels to be used in installations in North America, including the United States.

“Our Monterrey plant was actually our first overseas module assembly facility in our solar business,” said Mr. Mitsuru Homma, Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. “The Monterrey plant is an important and vital production location in North America for the assembly of our world’s highest efficiency HIT modules, and feel that the work done here has largely contributed to the growth in sales in North America, and will remain a factor as this region continues to grow.”

Sanyo is augmenting its facilities with the necessary equipment and construction of new facilities for future growth in response to market demand, moving forward to reach goals set for an annual global production capacity of at least 600 MW by FY 2010.

Sanyo first started researching and developing amorphous solar cells in 1975 and was the world’s first to commercialize amorphous-type solar cell production in 1980. In 1997, Sanyo started mass production and sales of its world-leading conversion efficiency HIT solar cells. Sanyo currently manufactures a large portion of silicon ingot and wafers in the US, the solar cells are made in Japan, with module assembly plants located in Mexico, Hungary and Japan.

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is a global, multi-billion dollar leading company for energy and environment. Sanyo Energy, S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Sanyo Electric, manufactures products for North America including a variety of commercial and consumer products such as rechargeable batteries and Sanyo’s HIT solar modules.

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