Taking Advantage of India's Abundant Solar Potential

Taking Advantage of India’s Abundant Solar Potential

sunrise in India
India holds abundant solar potential.
(cc) Premasagar Rose

Spire Corporation, a global solar company providing capital equipment to manufacture photovoltaic modules, turnkey manufacturing lines and solar PV systems is expanding its international presence by establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary, Spire Solar India, a Delaware limited liability company formed to take advantage of the growing market for the Company and it’s distribution of products in India.

Spire Solar India will locate its representative office in New Delhi and aid in sales, provide rapid customer communications, provide improved after-service capabilities, and serve as a regional headquarters for equipment service operations.

Roger G. Little, Chairman and CEO, said, “India has been taking great strides to become a major competitor in the world PV market and Spire Solar intends on promoting this. With about 80% of India’s year consisting of clear, sunny days, the solar energy equivalent is greater than the country’s total energy consumption.”

Mr. Little went on to say, “Spire Solar has experienced success in India, having already installed multiple turnkey factories and equipment. This new office will enhance our reach and ensure Indian customers our pledge to not only put them in the PV business, but keep them there, every step of the way.”

“India is expected to be among the fastest growing markets for PV demand and has recently introduced the Solar Power Policy – 2009, which promotes generalization of green and clean power through solar energy and promotion of local manufacturing facilities.” Mr. Little continued, “There is a sizable amount of uncultivated land which is ideal for massive production of solar energy. With Spire Solar’s market penetration, India gains an efficient way to boost its country’s economy, and with that, the world’s.”

Spire Corporation is a global solar company providing capital equipment to manufacture PV modules, turnkey manufacturing lines and solar PV systems. Spire Semiconductor provides processing technology for Spire’s silicon solar cell lines and produces gallium arsenide cells for solar concentrator systems.

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