Solar Summit Mexico 2018

February 13 & 14, 2018 - Mexico City, Mexico

Solar Summit Mexico 2018

Solar Summit Mexico 2018 will leverage GTM Research’s regional expertise in Mexico to ensure your company is uniquely positioned to capture specific opportunities while appropriately managing regulatory, political, and market risks.

With Latin America’s emergence as the hottest region for solar development in recent years, Mexico has taken the lead with a dynamic energy transition that sets the stage for unprecedented solar growth. An abundance of solar resources, high power prices, falling technology costs, and an increasing need for resource diversification combine to place Mexico among the global leaders for PV development.

Agenda Highlights

  • GTM Research Presentation: The State of the Solar in Mexico
  • Ley de Transici√≥n Energ√©tica Year 4: What’s in Store Next?
  • Keynote Interview: The Evolution of Solar Policy in Mexico
  • The Shifting Nature of Mexico’s Power Market: Presentation – Wood Mackenzie
  • What is Driving Down Solar Cost & What are Longer-Term Market Implications?
  • Recapping Rounds A1-3: Strategies & Dynamics on How Auctions are Won (& Lost)
  • Supplying the Mexico Solar Market: How Global Prices & Policy Affect PV in Mexico
  • The Future of Utility Solar Development: Lessons Learned & Challenges with Developing Large-Scale Projects
  • Technology Innovation Driving Solar Growth – Transitioning to Distributed Energy
  • Scalability of C&I: Will Large Consumers Capture a Sizeable Share of the Market?
  • Making Large-Scale Projects a Reality: Access to Solar Financing in Mexico
  • Keynote: Structured Financing
  • Adapting Project Finance to the New Era of Distributed Energy Projects
  • Strategies for Developers to Leverage Specialized Financing
  • How Third Parties are Thriving in a Deregulated Landscape
  • Corporate Offtakers are Driving New Demand for Solar