Solar Projects Egypt

September 6 & 7, 2016 - Cairo, Egypt

Solar Projects Egypt

The 2nd Annual Solar Projects Egypt will bring the value chain to discuss updates from 2015, key issues in the lead-up to the financial close for the 2.3 GW solar Fit program including permits, logistics, grid connection, water and security needs, strategies to ensure the successful delivery of the program and insights on the second round of the Solar Fit program.

The vision for Egypt is to increase its share of renewable energy by 2020. In 2015, several project developers from across the world have expressed significant interest in investing into Egypt’s growing renewable energy market.

The Egyptian government invited local and international companies to participate in a feed-in tariff (FIT) PV program, which was launched to achieve the target of 4,300 MW of electricity generated by solar and wind energy by 2017. A MOU was recently signed in Sharm El-Sheikh’s Economic Summit in March for producing 50 MW in the Benban area and more MOUs are expected to be finalized this year. There are also immediate plans for 2 GW to be installed over the next two years up to 2017 and a further 9,000 MW of solar planned until 2022.

With the financial close of the first round expected in October 2016, the government institutions, developers and industry stakeholders will need to discuss a number of key issues including the provision of utilities (roads, water and other infrastructure necessities), currency and risk mitigation strategies, as well as security and staff accommodation requirements.

Top Reasons To Attend

NETWORK with government, international developers, consultants, financiers, EPCs, technology providers and legal firms.

DISCOVER new opportunities in Egypt’s solar energy market.

LEARN about the latest regulations, financing and construction strategies as well as new technologies.

GAIN a competitive advantage in Egypt’s solar projects market by showcasing your solution to buyers.

PARTICIPATE in discussions on the challenges associated in delivering Egypt’s planned solar energy projects on time.

Agend Highlights

  • Progress update on Egypt’s round one and solar FIT scheme post-October 2016
  • Outlining the solar FIT program and the regulatory requirements
  • The future of solar energy in Egypt – what’s the strategy and way forward?
  • Developer’s perspective on the successful implementation of the 200MW at BenBan
  • Outlining PPP opportunities and other project financing models for Egypt’s solar projects
  • World Bank’s program in scaling up solar beyond the FIT scheme in Egypt
  • Regulations update: how the sun can be the promising future of Egypt
  • PV technology advantages
  • Financing Panel Discussion: Innovative financing mechanisms, challenges and opportunities for solar projects to secure PPA success
  • 10 PV soiling loss in the Middle East region
  • Case study on the successful development and delivery of international solar projects