Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe

April 11 & 12, 2017 - Odessa, Ukraine

Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe

Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe is the only business event focused on the emerging solar energy markets of Europe. During the past six years it has gathered leading stakeholders whose interests are connected with PV and solar thermal projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

Of note …

In 2017, the total capacity of solar plants in Ukraine will reach more than 1 GW. Ukraine is becoming more and more attractive compared to other regions and national markets.

More that 50 MW will be installed in Moldova next year and 250 MW before 2020. Moldova may become one of the most attractive small markets in the region.

Belarus will continue to surprise us by the development of large scale solar energy projects.

Agenda Highlights

  • Developing solar energy in central and eastern europe: challenges and achievements
  • Solar energy business opportunities, investments, and risks
  • How to boost the development of small PV installations on the emerging markets
  • Technical side of successful solar energy project development
  • Latest technologies for the emerging markets – How to maximize your investments
  • For householders and small investors: How to install a small PV rooftop system and gain by selling your electricity under a “green” tariff
  • For householders and building owners and operators: Solar thermal energy and hybrid solutions for residential and commercial real estate

A highlight of Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe, CISOLAR AWARDS 2017 will name the best solar energy projects in the emerging markets of Europe.

Speakers at CISOLAR-2017 will include:

  • Muren Guler – Managing Director of Global Energy Ltd
  • Mihail Stratan – Energy Efficiency Agency of the Republic of Moldova, Director
  • Maxim Kozitskiy – Eco-Optima LLC, Founder
  • Jose Antonio Cervera Itarte – General Director of Kazeurope Consulting
  • Phil Plumley – Phil Plumley Company, Founder
  • Kemal Gani Bayraktar – President of ISES-TR, GUNDER
  • Andreas Thissen – Energy Consultant Ltd., Consultant Energy & Storage Projects
  • Boris Tsyganenko – Member of the National Commission exercising the state regulation in the energy and utilities
  • Sergiy Savchuk – Chairman of State Agency of Energy Efficiency of Ukraine
  • Sergiy Maslichenko – Associate Director, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Poland, Armenia of EBRD
  • Ostap Semerak – Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine