Solar Canada 2018

June 20 & 21, 2018 - Calgary, Alberta

Solar Canada Conference & Exposition 2018

The canadian solar energy market is growing rapidly. Provincial governments and consumers are focusing more on renewable energy in an effort to lower greenhouse gases and utilize more affordable sources of energy. This has created a tremendous opportunity for companies to expand their market presence in Canada. Solar Canada Conference & Exposition 2018 will provide an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals and enter this growing market.

Network with thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors representing the entire industry: solar integration, development, engineering and EPC, equipment manufacturers, utilities, consultants, federal, provincial and municipal governments, communities, and students.

Solar Canada Conference & Exposition 2018 will provide an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals and get established in this growing market. This year’s conference will focus on important issues and trends facing the industry. Topics will include both utility scale and consumer/business focused installations. Industry experts, policy-makers and key stakeholders will be at Solar Canada to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the Canadian solar energy market.

Solar Canada offers unique educational opportunities to gain the latest insight into solar policy frameworks in each of Canada’s provincial markets from industry leaders and influencers.

Questions That Will Be Explored

  • How will solar energy’s future evolve in Ontario following the conclusion of microFIT and FIT?
  • When will solar energy begin to play a meaningful role in Alberta’s electricity supply-mix?
  • Are consumers and emissions reductions driving new markets for solar energy throughout Canada
  • How can solar put Canada on a path to 90% non-emitting electricity and 30% emissions reductions by 2030?
  • How will environmental and trade policy uncertainties affect the rate of global decarbonisation?

Topics That Will Be Examined

  • Modernizing Alberta’s regulatory framework for Distributed Energy Resources (DER).
  • Unlocking provincial markets for Government and Corporate “100% Renewables” commitments.
  • Billing and settlement approaches to Multiple-Entity Virtual Net-Metering in Ontario.
  • Best practices for diesel displacement in Canada’s northern and remote communities.
  • Taking advantage of electric vehicles to enable higher penetrations of solar electricity on the grid.
  • Adapting utility business models for peer-to-peer, blockchain and transactive energy.

New Program Feature – Enhanced Learning Pods

Due to popular demand, Solar Canada will be moving breakout sessions to the trade show floor to increase accessibility and allow attendees to maximize their experience on the trade show floor. Enhanced learning pods will combine the depth of a breakout session with the accessibility and energy of an exhibition hall learning pod.