Renewable Energy Project Finance

April 10 to 12, 2017 - Miami, Florida, USA

Renewable Energy Project Finance

A practical guide to structuring and funding renewable power transactions.

Renewable energy power facilities powered by resources like wind, biomass, geothermal hydro, or solar technologies are attracting investment worldwide at breath-taking pace. Renewable Energy Project Finance will explain how such transactions have come to be so popular, how they are funded and structured, and how they differ from conventional thermal-based power deals.

Course Benefits

  • Navigate the range of sources of finance available, both debt and various equity sponsors
  • Evaluate cashflows for renewable energy projects
  • Understand the peculiarities of resource intermittency, location constraints, transmission, and interconnection
  • Break-out Case Studies: Wind Power, Bio-Mass, Hydro and Solar Projects

Key Takeaways

  • Master best-practice techniques for financing renewable energy projects
  • Create and keep your own template for assessing qualitative and quantitative risks when funding or investing in renewable energy projects and related transactions.
  • Gain confidence in examining renewable power purchase agreements, and other critical contracts
  • Ensure understanding through hands-on workshops and case studies to reinforce principles


Renewable energy projects & markets:

  • Renewable Energy projects and markets
  • Transactions as they differ from conventional power project finance
  • Quantative analysis of renewable energy transactions
  • Case study: financing a single asset wind farm with a limited resource structure

Discover how project finance mechanics drive debt capacity andultimately equity returns:

  • Legal issues and contractual issues
  • Funding alternatives and markets
  • Electricity hedging
  • Leasing for renewable projects
  • Solar power project finance
  • Case study: financing a solar park and evaluating cashflows

Discover how project finance mechanics drive debt capacity andultimately equity returns:

  • Biomass and bio-fuel projects
  • Credit and other risk support for projects
  • Geothermal plants as base-load producers
  • Hydro-electric finance
  • Case study: financing a run-of-the river small scale hydro plant with merchant sales

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