POWERSTATION 247 Powers Sustainable Net-Zero Homes


The turn-key POWERSTATION 247 come in three sizes: 5 kW, 10 kW, or 15 kW; all have the same battery storage capacity of 17,28 kWh.

concept by US corporation has announced a partnership with the Fortis Groep to provide completely self-contained, solar energy storage and usage systems, the POWERSTATION 247, for new home developments world-wide, from one of the world’s largest builders of sustainable structures, net-zero homes, and buildings.

The POWERSTATION 247 is a complete and fully integrated “plug and play” scalable solar energy usage and storage system with built-in battery storage. The system, which can be installed on and off grid, provides completely autonomous electricity on a 24/7 basis. The turn-key systems come in three sizes: 5 kW, 10 kW, or 15 kW; all have the same battery storage capacity of 17,28 kWh.

The POWERSTATION 247 integrates up to 3 hybrid inverters, solar MPP-trackers, charge controller, and lithium-iron batteries, all necessary field wiring terminals, and disconnect switches. The POWERSTATION is UL certified with all components manufactured by the Fortis Groep, a vertically integrated leader in real estate infrastructure and sustainable energy development.

Since its introduction to the U.S. market in May of 2016, the POWERSTATION has received significant interest from home builders and solar installation companies throughout the United States.

Commenting on the partnership with the Fortis Groep, Sara Kissing, VP and COO of concept by US corporation said, “We are extremely pleased to be working with the Fortis Groep, a pre-eminent developer of sustainable and net-zero structures around the world. The partnership makes complete sense for both of us. We have the technology to provide completely autonomous electricity for homes and small businesses, while Fortis is widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s most experienced developers of sustainable structures.”


With the POWERSTATION 247, homeowners can use solar energy, store it, or sell excess power to their utility.

Alex Taranu, Managing Director of Fortis Groep added, “We are very glad to have found a “Plug and Play” system that will decrease dramatically our installation costs and provide us with the scalability of the requirements in the market.”

Power Anywhere: How it works

Energy generated by solar panels can be used or stored; excess electricity can be fed into the public grid. Storing energy in the POWERSTATION 24/7 can eliminate most electricity costs and completely power most homes.

In the event the public grid goes down due to unpredictable weather conditions or other issues, the POWERSTATION 247 automatically switches to emergency power, making the home completely autonomous from the grid while recharging itself each day from sunlight. Electricity is literally available anywhere the sun shines – for a home, powering a business, a vacation home, an RV, or on remote off the grid islands.

Concept by US was established in 2012 in the United States to revolutionize the way consumers think about solar power. The company has a simple goal: to make clean renewable solar energy accessible and easy to use for everybody. Every home and business should be able to safely use, store, and take advantage of clean solar energy – day and night. With the POWERSTATION 247 the sale of solar PV systems will continue to increase because now the end-consumer can fully use, 24/7, the green energy their PV system is generating.