Power Grid Resilience Summit

March 29 to 31, 2017 - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Power Grid Resilience Summit

Securing Assets and Mitigating Risks to An Increasingly Complex Electrical Grid

The reliability of the U.S. electric power grid, as an underlying enabler for other critical infrastructure sectors (such as emergency services, communications, transportation, and others), is uniquely essential to protect. In today’s modern world, the power grid serves as the backbone of the United States critical infrastructure sector. The Utilities responsible for this tremendous responsibility have to constantly adapt to new and emerging challenges, many of which were never imagined during the creation of the current power grid.

It is financially impractical to pursue every solution simultaneously. Rather, grid owners and operators need identify new technologies and their potential impact on the safety and resiliency of the power grid quickly. This event will help identify key challenges and opportunities, as well as showcasing new technologies that will assist in the creation of a more secure grid.

The 5th Annual Power Grid Resilience Summit includes an in-depth Workshop Day looking at top issues ranging from mitigating breaches at HV substations to the operational challenges of replacing a damaged transformer. The two days of the main conference will include discussions with utility security executives, government regulators, thought leaders, and academics to address challenges and growth areas to building Power Grid Resilience.

What are the Benefits of Attending?

  • Hear the latest policy and regulatory guidance for protecting your critical electric infrastructure
  • Benchmark your physical security for critical infrastructure and CIP 14-1 implementation
  • Get the latest updates on the electric industry threat landscape
  • Review next generation technologies and strategies from thought-leaders and researchers from government and industry
  • Apply the latest tools and methodologies to assess site vulnerabilities & security levels
  • Understand current compliance framework and challenges to streamline strategic planning

Agenda Highlights

  • Mitigating Attacks and Breaches at High Voltage Substations in order to Prevent Service Disruption
  • Managing Incident Command Systems in Times of Crisis to Successful Monitor and Control and Developing Crisis
  • Replacing or Restoring a Damaged Transformer in a Timely Manner Post Crisis to Avoid Long Term Service Interruption
  • CIP 14: Where are we now? What are we Moving Towards?
  • Increasing Transmission and Control Systems Resiliency to Decrease Potential Interruptions
  • Concealing Substation Assets to Mitigate Potential Damage Caused by External Threats
  • Utilizing Single Source Comprehensive Security Solutions to Solve Emerging Security Challenges
  • Converging Cyber and Physical Security Plans to Create Reliable 360 Degree Protection
  • Ideas for Protecting Your Critical Assets
  • Balancing Preparedness vs Resiliency in an Unpredictable Threat Landscape
  • CIP-014 Audit Process and Lessons Learned
  • CIP Compliance
  • Rapid Identification and Threat Assessment Technologies for Substations
  • Substation Restoration Contingency Plans
  • Identifying Cutting Edge Technologies Designed to Streamline Operations
  • Utilization of Red Teams to Test Your Organizations Physical and Cyber Security