Huge Potential For Renewable Energy In Turkey And MENA

Turkey·MENA Renewable Energy Congress 2013
Turkey·MENA Renewable Energy Congress 2013 will examine the huge potential for renewable energy in the region.

The world had seen a rapidly increasing demand for energy recently due to growing population and climate change. This includes countries in MENA (Middle East and North Africa.) Apart from these two factors, urbanization enlarges Turkish demand for power, and MENA countries have to gain more power to desalinate more water for the increased population. Some countries in this region, like Morocco and Saudi Arabia, will also working to diversify their energy mix. Renewable energy has become the overwhelming choice for this region. Thanks to their peculiar geography, Turkey and MENA countries hold a huge potential for solar energy; while Turkey, Morocco, and other Mediterranean countries are rich in wind energy.

Governments in Turkey and the MENA region have taken steps to promote the development of renewable energy. Turkey has modified its regulations to provide more attractive incentives. Very recently, Saudi Arabia determined to boost its solar power by announcing a 108 billion investment plan. UAE’s Mazda city is still under construction. Morocco has been attracting investment for both wind and solar project. To sum up, an emerging market is rising.

The Turkey·MENA Renewable Energy Congress 2013 will be held from the 24th to 25th of October, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference will unite the key local and international players to drive forward government support, to discuss how to invest efficiently, and to tap into the local market quickly and profitably.


  • Understanding Turkey and MENA countries’ policies, updating regulations, and strategic plans for renewables.
  • Learning development experience from international case studies on ROI, risk mitigation, and advanced technologies.
  • Networking with senior executives from government, regulatory councils, associations, industry experts, and other potential business partners.

Main topics you will hear:

  • Policy Sector: Turkish Energy Mix and Regulations for renewables; Saudi Arabian Renewable Plan.
  • Finance Sector: Financing and Investing Environment on the Turkish Renewable Energy Sector; How to get a better ROI with the Current Environment; Feed-in Tariffs for Renewables in Turkey; Challenges and Opportunities in the MENA Region.
  • Wind & Solar Stream: Policy, governmental plans, and strategy; Finance and Investment in Turkey and MENA with a focus on wind and solar projects; Keeping an eye on wind manufacturers in Turkey and MENA; Discussing the technology issues of Wind and Solar.
  • Solar & Wind industry: Turkey Market, Morocco Market.

Attending the Turkey·MENA Renewable Energy Congress, you will be sure to benefit from networking with industry leaders, hearing from senior executives of the upstream sector, sharing experience with other operators, and more. You will leave the conference armed with the latest ideas, business connections, and critical information necessary to expand your thinking and continue to drive innovation for your organization and for the industry.

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