Two New Photovoltaic Projects Completed In Greece

solar farm in Greece

Martifer Solar Hellas has completed construction of two photovoltaic projects in Greece, a 277 KW ground based photovoltaic plant in Kalamos, and a 400 KW rooftop installation in Keratea, in the Attica region.

With a total capacity of 677 KW, these two plants cover a total area of 11,142 sqm, producing around 1 GWh/year, the equivalent of the average consumption of almost 200 families, and will prevent the emission of 880 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

Theodore Gitzos, General Manager of Martifer Solar Hellas, commented, “With almost 50 photovoltaic systems installed in Greece, Martifer Solar Hellas continues to offer high quality turnkey solutions in this market. These two projects demonstrate our premise for on time project delivery. Alongside this, they are a sign of our commitment to the country, providing economic and environmental benefits to the local population.”

rooftop solar in Greece

Martifer Solar Hellas was responsible for engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the projects, which consist of polycrystalline modules and string inverters installed on fixed structures. Construction work was completed in less than a month, and it is worth mentioning that the 400 KW project was certified by TÜV Hellas during the design, construction, and the commissioning phase.

Martifer Solar is part of the Martifer Group, a multinational industrial group with more than 3,000 employees focused on metallic constructions and solar energy. The company is active all over the world, focusing on Project Development, EPC, O&M, and the distribution of PV modules and components, via its subsidiary MPrime. The company is based in Portugal and has a presence in Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, and Ukraine), North and Latin America (United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Ecuador), Africa (Cape Verde, Mozambique, and South Africa) and Asia (India, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore). In 2011, Martifer Solar’s revenues reached 293.2 million euros and, to date, the company has implemented more than 250 MW of photovoltaic solar energy worldwide.

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