2nd Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum

May 30 & 31, 2017 - London, UK

2nd Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum

This exclusive BIS 2-day small-scale meeting showcases the best strategies and methodologies in Offshore Wind technology design, operation and maintenance, while discussing assessment and management approaches to costs and operational risk. With the help of in-depth panel discussions, practical case studies, interactive sessions and workshops senior executives, experts and business professionals will dive into cutting-edge solutions for the Offshore Wind industry issues.

Some of the HOT topics to be covered at the 2nd Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum include:

  • Innovations to Reduce the Cost of Offshore Wind
  • O&M Planning for Subsea Asset Integrity
  • Lowering the Cost of Offshore Wind Energy through Changes in Turbine Design
  • Understanding the Range of Considerations when Decommissioning Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Evaluating the Realistic Potential of using Big Data Concepts in O&M Practices to Achieve Significant Cost Saving

Key Learning Benefits

  • Learn from The Carbon Trust experiences on how innovations can help reduce the cost of offshore wind
  • Benefit from DeepOcean extensive experience on O&M planning for subsea asset integrity
  • Listen to DNVGL best practices on how to lowering the cost of offshore wind energy through changes in turbine design
  • Gain an insight from Gamesa on the range of considerations when decommissioning offshore wind turbine
  • Uniper’s approach to using big data concepts in O&M practices to achieve significant cost saving
  • EON’s view on maturing O&M practices in offshore wind
  • Gamesa’s perspective on extending certified operational life
  • Gain an overview from Lloyd’s Register risk management concepts for offshore wind projects.

Major outcomes

  • Supply chain and safety risks management improvement
  • Design optimization, negative exterior effects mitigation and costs reduction
  • Mastering data driven optimized maintenance
  • Gaining new levels of reliability and sustainability
  • Cost-efficiency maximization

Industries participating

  • Offshore Wind Farm Operators
  • Technological Solutions Providers
  • Service Providers
  • Turbine Manufacturers
  • EPC Contractors