Offshore Wind Market Development USA 2016

May 10 to 12, 2016 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Offshore Wind Market Development USA 2016

How to Develop Profitable Utility-Scale Projects for North America’s Fledgling Offshore Wind Industry

Industry experts from around the world explain the latest techniques for getting steel into water.

The time to act is now. Participate and secure your future in the multi-billion dollar US offshore wind industry.

Join 250+ senior executives and 25+ exhibitors at Offshore Wind Market Development USA 2016 to network and establish your business in what is set to become one of North America’s largest energy industries:

  • How to plan and develop successful projects: Talk to leading developers who have devised proven strategies for bringing large-scale wind farms safely to market.
  • Identify cost reduction potential: Learn the most efficient ways to raise finance, design equipment, organize logistics, run supply chains, carry out construction and minimize the “levelized cost of energy” (LCoE).
  • Develop supply chains and infrastructure: Find out how to build up the supply chains and project teams that can deliver utility-scale schemes, including project pipelines, supporting infrastructure, installation and commissioning, and O&M planning.
  • Engage with partners, collaborators and stakeholders: Identify collaborators in horizontal, vertical and adjacent markets and develop strategic partnerships with developers, EPCs, contractors and policy-makers.
  • Understand policy and financial frameworks: Analyse the developing US policy framework as well as successful European subsidy schemes and which tax regimes are required to support long-term investment.

Key Industry Facts

  • First “Steel is in the water”- First of five steel foundation jackets now installed for Deepwater Wind’s Block Island Wind Farm – Americas first offshore wind farm.
  • 21 projects remain in the development pipeline totaling 15,650MW
  • $90+ billion estimated capital costs to deliver project pipeline

Conference Highlights

  • Developer perspectives: Hear developers present their planned projects and strategies, supply chain requirements and the market conditions needed for project success
  • Offshore Wind Supply Chain Development: Learn what is required to achieve a market of scale in the U.S. including infrastructure requirements, foundation design, construction planning, manufacturing, staging & assembly and O&M planning
  • Partnering and Joint Venturing Opportunities: Connect with industry experts and join a community of EPC’s from Oil and Gas and U.S. Onshore Wind that are looking to identify industry collaborators from the USA and Europe
  • Transitioning into the U.S. Offshore Wind Supply Chain: Review upcoming projects and commercial opportunities against your capabilities so that you can anticipate the opportunities to diversify into the offshore wind sector
  • Policy and Financial Frameworks: Receive a detailed review of successful offshore wind support mechanisms and proposed ORECs necessary to stimulate market growth

Agenda Highlights

  • Business planning and supply chain opportunities for new market players
  • Offshore wind market analysis
  • What does it take to develop the us offshore wind industry?
  • Applying project experience and lessons learned to the us market
  • Identifying cost reduction potential
  • Developing the us offshore wind supply chain –
  • Policy and regulatory intervention strategies required to create a market of scale
  • Successful financing and permitting strategies for offshore wind developments