Microgrids Meet the Markets

June 12 to 14, 2017 - Washington, DC, USA

Microgrids Meet the Markets

Explore Grid Resiliency and Advanced Microgrid Opportunities!

The microgrid market is expanding rapidly: with estimated CAGR of 16-20%, it is projected to reach as much as $35.1B by 2020. Government programs to enhance resiliency of military, university, state and hospital (MUSH) facilities have driven the market for years, but the landscape is shifting. Communities and C&I customers are now demanding not only enhanced resiliency but the ability to meet sustainability goals, reduce demand charges and capture revenue by providing capacity and services to energy markets—opening up huge potential markets for advanced microgrids.

However, the market is in flux. Community microgrids may grow out of state resiliency initiatives, and DoD facilities are among the first to provide services to local utilities and power markets, but regulatory hurdles remain. The growth of solar + storage facilities in conjunction with C&I partners may hold the keys to developing the new business models needed for third party developers, utilities and facility owners to profit, but technical, economic and financeability challenges remain. Providers must tailor their approaches to the wants and needs of customers in order to effectively position themselves to market their technologies, products and services and capitalize on the next generation of microgrid projects.

Infocast’s Microgrids Meet the Market Summit 2017, now in its 9th edition, will bring decision makers together with C&I energy managers, microgrid integrators, utilities, ESCOs, control software providers, renewable energy and storage companies, EPCs, and financiers to explore the opportunities, economics, business cases, and technologies for deploying grid resiliency and advanced microgrids.

Agenda Highlights:

  • The Military Microgrid Market Outlook: Resiliency and Mission Assurance Move to Center Stage in Energy Procurement
  • State and Local Resiliency Initiatives Ramp Up
  • Community Microgrid Project Update
  • Regulatory Perspectives on Community Microgrids
  • Utilities and Microgrid Deployment — From Working with Third Party Providers to Direct Ownership
  • Developing & Financing Public-Private Microgrids
  • Microgrids-as-a-Service: A New Approach to Solve Resiliency, Efficiency, and Sustainability Challenges
  • Microgrids in C&I and Data Center Markets
  • Providing Over-the-Meter Services with Microgrids — The Solar + Storage Business Model Crossover
  • Cybersecurity for Cloud-Based Control Systems
  • Blockchains in Microgrid Applications—From Enabler of Aggregation to Transactive Energy

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