Laser Wind Sensors Increase Wind Turbine Output

Vindicator Laser Wind Sensor mounted on WindMatic turbine
Vindicator Laser Wind Sensor mounted on WindMatic turbine.
Catch the Wind Ltd.

Catch the Wind Ltd. will supply eight test units of its Vindicator laser wind sensor (LWS) to Canadian Hydro Developers, Canada’s largest and most diversified renewable energy company, as part of a new trial agreement.

“Multi-unit testing of the Vindicator LWS represents our most significant milestone to date and is important on a number of levels,” said Phil Rogers, President and CEO of Catch the Wind Ltd. “Working with Canadian Hydro Developers will allow us to collect and analyze wind data from different locations of a wind farm simultaneously and illustrate how wind speed and direction is constantly shifting even in relatively small areas. Most importantly, we believe the trial will allow us to demonstrate that even minor adjustments to the alignment of turbines can have a dramatic impact on stress loads and energy output, significantly enhancing the profitability of a wind farm.”

The trial program, Catch the Wind’s largest to date, is designed to test the forward wind measurement and turbine control capabilities of the Vindicator laser wind sensor for proper alignment of a turbine against oncoming wind in order to reduce equipment stress and increase energy output.

The Vindicator laser wind sensor test units will be installed and integrated on eight of Canadian Hydro Developers total of 15 turbines located at the Cowley North ecoPower centre in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada for a direct, side-by-side comparison with turbines not equipped with laser wind sensors. Each of Cowley North’s Nordex N60 1.3 MW wind turbines is currently out of warranty.

Phased delivery of the Vindicator LWS test units is expected to begin by September 30, 2009 and end by December 31, 2009. The trial program is expected to last up to six months, effective with the final delivery and installation of the Vindicator LWS test units.

Catch the Wind Ltd. is a high-growth technology company headquartered in Manassas, Virginia. The company was founded in 2008 to develop and manufacture the Vindicator laser wind sensor. The company serves the commercial market sector for laser based wind sensor systems, recognized as the “gold standard” in wind measurement. The company is focused on becoming a major contributor in making clean, renewable wind energy more affordable and profitable.

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