Landfill Solar Project Uses Otherwise Unused Land

landfill aerial view
Carlisle’s Spectro PowerCap being installed at the Madison County Landfill Solar Project.
Carlisle Energy Services

One of the objections to large ground-mounted solar arrays is the land requirement. Real estate is valuable. So it makes sense to use land that may be unsuitable for other purposes. Such is the case with Carlisle Energy Services’ recently completed landfill solar project in Madison County, New York.

Carlisle Energy Services (CES) completed its Spectro PowerCap™ Exposed Geomembrane Solar Cover system for a landfill in Madison County, New York in August 17th. If all goes according to plan, the system will be interconnected and fully operational within a month.

Consulting engineer of record Barton & Loguidice submitted, and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation permitted, the installation as a 20 to 30 year long-term interim cover for the landfill. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provided a grant in order to demonstrate this technology to other landfill owners in the state. Partners of record on the project included liner installer CETCO Contracting Services and electrical installer O’Connell Electric.

The eight-acre demonstration system features Carlisle’s GeoTPO™ Geomembrane, with a south-facing 40kWp DC integrated solar photovoltaic array powered by Uni-Solar®. When fully operational, the system should offset nearly all of the power requirements of the Madison County ARC Recycling Facility located on site.

The Madison County landfill is the first municipal landfill in the United States to apply this technology in a closure project.

landfill aerial view
The solar project uses land that may be unsuitable for many other purposes.
Carlisle Energy Services

In order to maximize the use of the land, future plans for the site, referred to as the Madison County Agriculture and Renewable Energy Park, include a one-megawatt landfill gas system that captures the heat generated by the turbine engines to dry lumber on site and heat the building. Other on-site green energy programs being considered include a wind turbine, hydroponic greenhouses, and an additional solar array.

Arthur Mohr Jr., Carlisle’s Director of Landfill Solutions, commented, “Carlisle Energy Services is proud to have helped Madison County develop a sustainable landfill closure system that generates clean solar energy. This project demonstrates the merits of our GeoTPO Geomembrane as a viable long-term closure system for landfill owners.”

James Zecca, Solid Waste Department Director for Madison County, noted, “The photovoltaic landfill cover will play an integral role in Madison County’s growing renewable energy initiative, and we are proud to demonstrate the technical and commercial feasibility of Carlisle’s unique landfill closure system.”

Carlisle’s Spectro PowerCap is a dual-purpose landfill closure system that meets regulatory requirements as an alternative closure system and provides clean renewable energy. The system features Carlisle’s three-ply, scrim-reinforced GeoTPO Geomembrane that serves as both the closure system and platform for integrated solar photovoltaics. GeoTPO was developed exclusively for Exposed Geomembrane Solar Cap (EGSC) or Exposed Geomembrane Cap (EGC) applications as both a long-term and final landfill closure solution.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlisle Construction Materials Incorporated, Carlisle Energy Services, Inc. specializes in turnkey project development and design for large-scale commercial photovoltaic solar rooftops and solar landfill closure systems. Combining Carlisle’s unmatched roofing industry performance and expertise with cutting-edge energy management solutions, Carlisle Energy Services provides a unique service to the roofing, energy and landfill industries.

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