J & R Herra Geothermal

Elburn, Illinois, USA

J & R Herra Geothermal

J & R Herra Geothermal contractors and technicians are experienced and specialized in the latest geothermal advances. To date, we have installed, repaired, and/or maintained over one-hundred geothermal units in the northern Illinois area. In the growing global market for green energy solutions, we understand the value of these heating and cooling systems.

Our Geothermal heating and cooling systems take advantage of the natural, even temperature several feet beneath the Earth’s surface. To utilize this effect, we install a loop of water-circulating pipes underground. In the winter, the water in these pipes absorbs the relative heat beneath the earth and delivers it to a heat pump, warming your home. In the summer, the reverse of this happens, and the pipe system draws heat out of the house and into the earth, cooling your home.

Our Installation Process:

  • Consult / Design / Price
  • Field Installation
  • Home Installation
  • Calibrate & Homeowner Walk Through
  • Ongoing Support

Serving Chicago and Northern Illinois

J & R Herra Geothermal
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