Castellón de la Plana, Spain


iZanda is an on-site machining company working in many fields related to energy production, specializing in wind turbine repair.

On Site Machining – Wind Power

iZanda employs in-house designed portable machining tools for use in repairing yaw orientation systems of wind turbines in the field.

  • Yaw Ring Teeth Repair
  • Machining of bearings
  • Tower Flange Facing
  • Machining of Bushings
  • Braking Tracks
  • Shaft Machining and embedding parts

iZanda provides on-site machining of wind turbine components all over the world.

On Site Machining – Hydroelectric Power Stations

  • Stay Ring Flatness Machining
  • Boring of Guide Vanes Housings
  • Machining of Spiral Case
  • Boring Couplings Shafts
  • Machining of Generator Poles
  • Machining of Runner Chamber
  • On site Machining for Shafts
  • On site Machining of Sealing Areas

iZanda also provides on-site machining for the following industries:

  • Thermal & Nuclear Power Stations
  • Petrochemical
  • Naval & Offshore
  • Metallurgic

Engineering and Consulting

Additionally, iZanda boasts an in-house engineering department that assesses potential mechanical solutions and manufactured components in their workshop.

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Castellón de la Plana, Spain