International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition

April 19 to 21, 2017 - Shanghai, China

International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition

IBSCE 2017 is designed to bring together scientists, innovators and industrial people from around the world who are working together to implement bioenergy technologies. Experts and entrepreneurs from the entire world will have the opportunity to communicate, enhance their understanding, and share their experiences in order to discuss the role of bioenergy in the Asian context. A knowledge exchange on the latest scientific and industry results, developments in policies, and deployment and business that will enable the move towards efficiency and sustainability in the bioenergy sector.

The conference programme is in part based on the successful format used for the European Biomass conference that takes places annually in Europe and on the experience from the previous edition of the event in 2015.

The International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition will involve close interactions between fundamentals of the underpinning science, innovation at all levels, and industrial exploitation of the results of research, with the overall target of achieving economic and environmental sustainability in developing low-carbon economies across the world.

Topic 1: Assessment and production of Biomass resources

  • Assessment of biomass potential and land availability for biomass at regional and national levels
  • Production supply and logistics of biomass from agricultural activities
  • Biomass from energy crops and plantations (including algae)
  • Potentials and production of municipal and industrial organic wastes
  • Bioremediation and reutilization potentials of contaminated land and water for biomass
  • Environmental and social impact of biomass supply

Topic 2: Systems and technologies for biomass power and heat

  • Biomass for power and heat generation in large scale applications
  • Small-scale biomass combustion power generation
  • Biomass gasification power generation and applications
  • Production and applications of biomass molding fuels (solid biofuels: pellets/briquettes)
  • Emissions control in biomass heat and power facilities
  • Approaches and methods for efficiency improvements
  • Integration with other energy sources and storage solutions

Topic 3: Processes and technologies for biogas and bio-natural gas (biomethane)

  • Characterisation of biogas feedstocks
  • Biomass pretreatment methods and solutions
  • Household biogas production and effective utilization
  • Medium and large scale biogas engineering
  • High value utilization of the solid residue (digestate) from anaerobic processes
  • Emissions management at biogas installations
  • Biogas purification and enrichment
  • Bio-natural gas distribution and utilization
  • Integration with other energy sources and storage solutions

Topic 4: Processes and systems for biofuels and biomaterials

  • Production of liquid fuels from oil-based biomass (biodiesel, aviation biofuels, etc.)
  • Production processes for advanced biofuels
  • Production processes for bioenergy carriers
  • Industrialization of non-grain fuel as methanol, ethanol and higher alcohols
  • New and emerging trends in methanol, ethanol and higher alcohol production from cellulosic biomass
  • Biofuels in future transportation systems
  • Integration with other energy sources and storage solutions
  • Production of biobased chemicals

Topic 5: Tools and initiatives for bioenergy

  • Bioenergy national policies and strategies for international cooperation
  • Bioenergy markets and strategies for international trade
  • Standardization as tool for trade
  • Financing sustainable bioenergy projects
  • International platforms and support activities to the energy stakeholders
  • Bioenergy and Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) solutions