Instant Solar Makes Photovoltaic Quick And Easy

Assembling a Technipower Instant Solar panel
Assembling a Technipower Instant Solar panel.
Technipower Systems

Technipower LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solomon Technologies Inc., has developed, tested, and launched its new Instant Solar product in collaboration with James P. Dunn, chairman of Solomon’s Technical Advisory Board and President of Future Solar Systems. Starting from concept to new product launch, Technipower executed the development program in less than 6 months, with pilot manufacturing now underway.

Instant Solar is a factory pre-assembled, pre-wired, ground mounted Solar photovoltaic system which can be conveniently shipped and rapidly installed virtually anywhere in the US and Canada. It is initially targeted to the 2-10kW size range and is also suitable for flat roof mount and portable applications.

As a well-known expert in the fields of alternative energy, energy storage, and hybrid vehicles, James Dunn is promoting Instant Solar at numerous solar and renewable energy conferences and expos in which he is participating. As past Director of the NASA Northeast Regional Technology Transfer Center, Mr. Dunn has a wealth of experience in the alternative and renewable energy fields, has written numerous papers and presentations on various alternative energy topics and has spoken at over 50 international conferences and events, including Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) events. He has consulted on numerous projects in the solar electric, hybrid vehicle, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cell fields and chaired or moderated various professional conferences.

Technipower's Instant Solar array
Technipower’s Instant Solar array
Technipower Systems

“Our successful work with Jim is a model for the Company’s ongoing new product development,” commented Dan Connors, President of Technipower LLC. “His recognized leadership in alternative energy technologies, and his passion to make those technologies economically available to the market to advance alternative energy, are obvious every time he speaks on the topic. After a successful development program, Technipower is very pleased to have him help drive the Instant Solar product launch.”

Mr. Dunn commented, “I am excited to help the Technipower team introduce the Instant Solar product line. The Instant Solar development has been rewarding, and it’s just the beginning of Solomon Technologies’ alternative energy business.”

Solomon Technologies is an established designer and manufacturer of direct current power supplies and power supply systems requiring high levels of reliability and ruggedness for defense, aerospace, marine, and commercial applications. Technipower’s expansion in to the clean energy markets includes its patented Electric Wheel and Electric Transaxle hybrid/regenerative technologies for ‘hybrid-electric’ and ‘all-electric’ vehicles and its Instant Solar ground mounted solar units.

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