A High Wind Version Of The Windspire Wind Turbine

High Wind Windspire installed atop a 9000' Mountain Peak in Nevada
High Wind Windspire installed atop a 9000′ Mountain Peak in Nevada

Wind technology company Mariah Power has developed a new high wind version of its innovative Windspire vertical axis wind turbine. The new version will be able to sustain winds as high as 168 mph and will be able to operate in extreme weather conditions.

This High Wind Windspire will feature a shorter version of the company’s patented giromill straight blade design and will continue to make use of its ultra efficient generator and inverter technology. This is the first of multiple new products that Mariah Power is scheduled to introduce in the coming months. Mariah Power plans to sell this new product to government agencies, cellular companies, and ski resorts who require alternative energy solutions in consistent high wind and remote areas. The unit can be grid tied or used in DC form to recharge battery systems.

The High Wind Windspire is a 13-foot tall and 4-foot wide, propeller-free, vertical-axis wind turbine designed for harnessing wind power in extreme weather conditions. The unit is rated at 1.1 kWs in 30 mph winds and is estimated to produce 2066 kilowatt hours in 15 mph average wind speeds. Mariah Power is accepting orders for its new unit now and will begin shipments later this month.

“The new High Wind Windspire addresses the irony of wind power: a good wind resource is necessary to produce wind energy but too much wind can harm wind turbines,” said Mariah Power CEO Mike Hess. “The new design allows the system to be installed in areas with extreme wind conditions and not only survive but meet our customer requirements for long life.”

The Windspire wind turbine is a low-cost, low-noise, attractive wind power appliance for use in urban, suburban, rural, and remote locations. Manufactured in the U.S. by Mariah Power, Windspire turbines are propeller-free, vertical-axis designs that feature patented technology that maximizes energy conversion from wind into electric power, regardless of changing wind speed and direction. The Windspire portfolio includes a 1.2 kW version and now a special High Wind version. Later this year, Mariah Power will introduce multiple new products based on the Windspire technology including: off-grid capabilities, 230V energy output, larger rotors, and a system that is able to generate more energy at lower wind speeds. The Windspire has been featured in Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and on 20/20, CNN, and NPR.

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