Growing Economies: Latin America Energy Forum

March 9 & 10, 2017 - Washington, D.C., USA

Growing Economies: Latin America Energy Forum

Growing Economies: Latin America Energy Forum will address trends and opportunities for power development in the national and regional power markets, focusing on countries’ policy and strategy to engage investors, regional energy cooperation, renewable and gas-to-power development, distributed generation, new energy technologies, and financing solutions.

With the participation of Ministries of Energy, Regulators, Heads of Utilities, Buyers, Influencers, Technology Providers, Developers, Financiers and Donor Organizations as speakers and participants, the meeting is designed to hasten the pace of power development and anticipate the trends for the region’s energy future.

Ministries of Energy and Heads of the Energy regulatory authorities of Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, and Guatemala have confirmed to attend this meeting. These public sector leaders will represent their countries in presenting energy investment opportunities to over 200 investors in the US capital.

Energy Insight is proud to be an official media partner for this event.

Topics to be discussed at the Latin America Energy Forum

Regulation development in LATAM: Regulators to brief investors on strategies in place to guide investment and greater energy efficiency in the region. How are these strategies impacting investors’ confidence and behavior?

The Renewable Energy Transition: Long-term Strategies for Sustainable Growth of LATAM’s Booming Renewable Energy Sector. As we see a revolution in Latin America’s energy industry, we also see an increasing need of adaptation to accommodate the growth of the newbie sector. Rapid progress in renewables in the region is poised to exacerbate system integration issues in a number of markets.

Renewable Energy Technology: The cost of solar panels has dropped by 70% in the past few years due to the technology maturing and mass market production. Technology is now the biggest enabler of renewable power production at more competitive costs.

Distributed Generation: Distributed generation has an advantage over the central generation because it saves investments in transmission and reduces losses in these systems, improving the stability of the electric power service.

Satisfying the Region’s Increase Gas Demand for Power Generation: The International Energy Agency estimates that natural gas fired generation in Central and South America will increase by an average of 2.2 per cent a year, and that natural gas will take an increased share of total electricity generation, rising from 22 per cent in 2007 to 29 per cent in 2035. Gas is bound to provide a strong power diversification opportunity for Latin America’s energy mix and this will imply a significant deal interest in gas assets.

Powering LATAM – Financing Options: Development Finance Institutions provide the financing solutions that the private sector is unable to offer. Commercial finance providers are instrumental in availing capital given favorable market conditions.

This meeting is co-located with the Powering Africa: Summit. A discounted rate applies for delegates wishing to attend both meetings whilst in Washington.

Meeting dates: March 9 & 10, 2017
Venue: Marriott Marquis, Washington, D.C., USA
Contact: Amy Offord – Marketing Manager
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7384 8068