The Future of Renewable Energy Financing in Brazil

June 28, 2016 - Online

The Future of Renewable Energy Financing in Brazil

Over the past two months Brazil has experienced a monumental political paradigm shift; a shift which experts predict will see the introduction of business-friendly policies as Brazil recovers its economy and increases investor confidence.

In light of macroeconomic developments and in preparation for the launch of the inaugural BIREC, Green Power is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, June 28th at 11am BRT (Brazilia Time) titled “The Future of Renewable Energy Financing in Brazil.”

This one hour webinar will assess project financing challenges in Brazil and what the country’s political paradigm shift means for the future of renewable energy financing models.

  • Learn expert predictions for the future of the renewable energy industry following Brazil’s immense macroeconomic and political paradigm shift
  • Understand the causes and find solutions to project financing delays; discover how companies on the ground are dealing with this challenge
  • Explore alternatives for clean energy financing should BNDES withdraw funding

Please note the webinar will be in English.