2nd EVs and the Grid Summit

April 19 to 21, 2016 - Long Beach, California, USA

2nd EVs and the Grid Summit

Auto OEM, Utilities, and EV Solution Providers Come Together To Build A $500 Billion A Year Market

California is doubling down on its de-carbonization plan – already aggressive by global standards. With SB350, the push towards electrification expands from cars to the entirety of transport: buses, medium and heavy duty trucks, port and airport support vehicles, forklifts, and CATs. Meanwhile California utilities have been cleared to sink $1.1 billion into charging systems, to result in a 10X jump from 6000 to 60,000 stations. Money from CARB and US DOE is filtering out for pilots and programs. According to the EV Association, $4.5 billion in California sales and services will be transacted by 2023 around EVs and charging infrastructure. Even as other states move forward with their own frameworks and pilots (with 4000 new charging stations installed nation-wide in 2015), California remains the decisive testbed.

Yet the shift to electric transport represents a complex chicken and egg dynamic between vehicle adoption, utility economics and engineering, user psychology, build out, and hosting of charging infrastructure by myriad parties. A tight, ongoing coordination is required between all the parties. The rollout of programs, technologies, protocols, and standards needs to proceed in an integrated way, and we are still in the early days, compared to the desired 50% electrification goal stated in SB350.

Energy Insight is proud to be an official media partner for this event.

To help further catalyze this momentous shift, Infocast is hosting the 2nd Annual EVs & the Grid Summit, scheduled for April 19th to 21st in Long Beach, California. The Summit will once again unite the stakeholder groups at the forefront of the transport and power convergence. Policy-makers and utilities will thrash out what kinds of business models can capture the new value streams (and costs) from electrification and a digital, distributed grid. Third party solution providers will assess partnership opportunities and requirements for equipment, software, energy storage and conversion, and on-site renewables. Automakers will share their views on the market, latest models, and and how to overcome adoption hurdles. Port and airport authorities, municipalities, fleet managers, and commercial building owners will also be present to add their perspective and explore partnering opportunities with solution providers.

Automakers — Build sales volume by proactively collaborating with utilities, states and cities in pilots and initiatives

Utilities & Energy Suppliers — Learn from leading states and cities how emerging policies and business models will generate new revenue; strategize on how to overcome deployment and integration hurdles

Ev Solution Providers — Understand the scope and timing of the new market; build relationships with key utilities, municipalities, and auto OEMs to supercharge EV rollouts

Policy-Makers — Get strategic insight into the early EV-Grid market drivers and policy lessons learned

Isos & Grid Suppliers — Understand the engineering challenges and innovation needs of the integrated EV/distributed/renewable grid

Infrastructure Authorities — Prepare for electrification of ports & airports, led by California’s SB350

Agenda Highlights

  • Vehicle Electrification Post-SB350: What Levers Will Get Us from 3% to 50%?
  • Real World Data on User Adoption, Driving and Charging Behavior
  • Automakers Panel – Overcoming Adoption Hurdles – What’s Working, What’s Not, What Other Strategies Can Be Put into Play?
  • Integrating Millions of Electric Vehicles into the California Grid
  • Accelerating Deployment: Utility Plans, Programs, and Priorities
  • EVSP and Energy Service Business Models
  • The Station Hosts – What Are They Doing, What Do They Need to Know to Expand Installations?
  • City of Seattle Fleet Electrification
  • Beyond California Borders – Initiatives & Policy Developments
  • Life in Motion – The Future of Autonomous Electric Driving
  • Port / Heavy Duty Truck Electrification
  • Extending Electrification to Heavy Duty Vehicles, Ports and Airports: Opportunities and Challenges

Don’t miss the Pre-Summit Workshop: The Path to EV-Grid Integration on April 19th. Featured Presentations:

  • Integrating Vehicles as a New Distributed & Flexible Grid Resource
  • California Vehicle-Grid Integration Roadmap – 2016 Update
  • Scalable Vehicle-Grid Integration: ISO/IEC 15118 and the Demand Clearing House
  • ChargeTO: Real-World Curtailment of Residential EV Charging
  • Lessons Learned Implementing EV Fleet for Grid Balancing
  • Bi-Directional Flows
  • Secondary Batteries Case Study – Economics & Technical Viability
  • Scaling Interoperability and VGI Standardization
  • EV-Grid Integration – Defining Protocols and Networking Standards