ERCOT Market Summit

February 27 to March 1, 2018 - Austin, Texas, USA

ERCOT Market Summit

A Who’s Who of Key Players Address the Biggest Changes to Generation Mix and Market Rules in Over a Decade!

The 6th ERCOT Market Summit will examine the proposed new market rules and economic drivers, and bring policy-makers together with utility, solar, wind, IPP, and other executives to explore the potential solutions and opportunities. They will assess the potential impacts of an anticipated upsurge in solar capacity. Topics to be discussed include not only power prices and dispatch curve, but also how the changing generation mix will drive opportunities for storage, DR and aggregated DERs to meet market needs.

Join policymakers, utility, wind, solar and end-user executives to:

  • Examine the potential impacts of the Hogan/Pope proposals on ERCOT market participants
  • Reassess resource adequacy and asset valuation and portfolio strategies after coal plant retirements
  • Get the perspectives of end-user, public power and coop executives on power development and delivery in Texas
  • Hear how the coming enormous solar buildout will affect dispatch, price volatility and transmission congestion
  • Explore the opportunities to Integrate grid-connected storage and other fast-responding, flexible assets in the ERCOT market

Agenda Highlights

  • The Hogan-Pope Proposal for ERCOT Market Reform
  • Perspectives on ERCOT Market Reform
  • Plant Retirements, Resource Adequacy and Reliability
  • Dealing with the Impacts of Wholesale Price Volatility in ERCOT
  • Impacts of Adding Solar on the ERCOT Market and Dispatch Curve
  • The Changing Perspectives of End-Use Customers
  • Municipal and Coop Players’ Perspectives on Power Development in Texas
  • Utility-Scale Solar in Texas
  • Plant Values and Portfolio Strategies in ERCOT
  • Solutions to Transmission Congestion Constraints and Risks in Texas
  • Grid-Connected Storage Integration