Drake Landing Solar Community Wins Energy Globe World Award

Drake Landing Solar Community
The award-winning Drake Landing Solar Community heats its fifty-two homes with a solar-powered district heating system.

This year’s Energy Globe World Award goes to Alberta, Canada for its Drake Landing Solar Community. The fifty-two homes that make up the Drake Landing Solar Community in Okotoks, Alberta are heated by a district system that stores solar energy in an underground thermal energy storage reservoir during summer months, and distributes the energy to the homes for space heating during winter months. This efficient system satisfies up to ninety percent of each home’s space heating requirements, reducing dependancy on fossil fuels.

The audience at this year’s Energy Globe World Award Ceremony in Wels, Austria had the final word on the awards presented and chose the World Award recipient from five individual categories. The golden Energy Globe Statue was presented to DLSC’s Project Leader Doug McClenahan by Austrian economics minister Reinhold Mitterlehner and Energy Globe founder Wolfgang Neumann.

The Energy Globe Award ceremony recognizes individuals and groups from around the world whose work and efforts better our environment. This year, representatives from over 40 countries, more than 1000 invited guests, top-ranking laudatory speakers, and a huge crowd of press and television representatives gathered at the Fair Grounds Conference Center in the Upper Austrian city of Wels for the gala ceremony.

Energy Globe founder, Wolfgang Neumann, explained, “All these projects represent tomorrow’s solutions. This great pioneering spirit of innovation will ensure that our planet will remain a worthwhile home for our children as well.”

Neumann’s Energy Globe project that annually attracts participants from 100 countries and more than 1000 individual projects publicly demonstrates how energy can be used in an efficient manner anywhere in the world. It shows how greater quality of life can be achieved while at the same time creating a boost for the economy.

The Energy Globe Award Winners in the following five categories demonstrated how this is done.


The Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia designed a passive-energy house whose special construction consists of all-around insulation and uses solar energy to provide 22 degrees centigrade of heating even in the freezing cold of Siberia, at the same time preventing these houses from sinking into the permafrost ground. Laudatory speaker: Dr. Gesa Koeberle, Vice President, Energy Globe Foundation.


The Drake Landing Solar Community in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, where heat from the summer sun is stored below the surface of the earth. In winter it is used to meet 80% of the community’s entire energy needs. Laudatory speaker: Len Pagano, CEO, Safe America Foundation.


A clean solution with solar water-pumps by AsoFenix in Nicaragua is now providing many people with access to clean water, at the same time teaching villagers how to become proficient in water management. Laudatory speaker: Professor Edward Ayensu, former president of the World Bank’s Inspection Panel.


This year saw two winners in the Air category. In the port of Gothenborg, Sweden, cargo ships are now powering up with clean energy from a wind-powered system. Also, Swiss retailer Migros is expanding its use of photovoltaic systems, energy management, and others efforts designed to make the company a true climate protector. Laudatory speaker: Austrian minister of economics, Reinhold Mitterlehner.


According to their motto Appreciate Nature-Protect Nature, the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust in Zambia is working on creating awareness for young people in the area of ecosystems. One of their examples of success is the South Luangwa Valley which is heavily strained by unbridled tourism. Laudatory speaker: Leanne Liddle, Australian Bush Heritage Board Member

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