Energy Thought Summit – ETS16

March 29 to 31, 2016 - Austin, Texas, USA

Energy Thought Summit - ETS16

There’s no better place than Zpryme’s flagship ETS16 to debate the state and future of energy. Our looking glass begins and ends with the stories of real people around the globe influencing the grand energy transition.

Join us on March 29th to 31st in Austin, Texas at the historic Paramount Theatre to experience a fascinating cross-section of established leaders and unsung heroes rewriting the next generation of energy.

What has been essentially the same industry for 100 years is now being turned on its head. Chaos rules in the energy industry today. And that’s a good thing, because it’s enabling a much-needed sustainable transformation.

“Digitizing” the grid is a somewhat recent step that started with the widespread introduction of smart meters. While utilities brought them in to primarily automate meter reading and customer billing, these meters and other digital grid technologies have actually unleashed ideas and companies that are shaking the very core of what it means to be a utility company. Other influences, like the Clean Power Plan by President Obama and EPA, will impact utility business models, industry standards, regulations, and policy.

There is chaos, but within the disorder comes great opportunity. ETS16 will explore the critical challenges facing the energy industry across a handful of important themes:

Transformation – Overhauling business models, standards, regulatory, policy, funding opportunities

Emergence – Emerging leaders and technologies

Convergence – Bringing it all together – new project participants, systems and infrastructure, national and international

Humans – Humanizing infrastructure

Chaos – Uncertainty, public response, rapid change, the chaos brings opportunities for significant change and leadership

Thought Leaders you’ll hear from include …

  • Dr. Vint Cerf VP & Chief Internet Evangelist Google
  • Dr. Thomas P. Wagner Cryosphere Program Scientist NASA
  • Yiftah Ron-Tal Chairman Israel Electric Corporation
  • Scott Prochazka President & CEO CenterPoint Energy
  • Anne Pramaggiore President & CEO ComEd
  • Badar Khan President & CEO Direct Energy
  • Scott Prochazka President & CEO CenterPoint Energy
  • Leah Seligman CSO NRG Energy
  • Dr. Michael Webber Deputy Director University of Texas
  • Arlen Orchard CEO & GM SMUD
  • Kenneth W. Cornew President & CEO Exelon Generation
  • Ian Mcleod CEO Ergon Energy
  • Harold DePriest President & CEO EPB of Chattanooga
  • Doyle Beneby President & CEO New Generation Power
  • Allan Schurr President Edison Energy
  • Rod West CAO & EVP Entergy
  • Michael Carlson President Siemens Digital Grid
  • Dr. Jose Bravo Chief Scientist Shell International E&P
  • George P. Bush Commissioner Texas General Land Office
  • Gil Quiniones CEO NYPA
  • Shawn Dubravac Chief Economist CES
  • Bill Magness President & CEO ERCOT
  • Steve Adler Mayor City of Austin
  • Luis Reyes CEO Kit Carson Electric Cooperative
  • Cris Eugster Chief Generation & Strategy Officer CPS Energy
  • John Di Stasio President Large Public Power Council
  • Shailen Bhatt Executive Director Colorado DOT
  • Dr. Massoud Amin University of Minnesota Professor
  • Todd Staples President Texas Oil & Gas Association
  • Rodger Smith GM Oracle Utilities (Global)
  • Mary Anne Brelinsky President EDF Energy Services
  • Thierry Godart General Manager of Energy Solutions Intel
  • Mike Edmonds President US Business S&C Electric Company
  • Nick Brown President & CEO Southwest Power Pool
  • Gordon Van Welie President & CEO ISO New England
  • John Hewa CEO Pedernales Electric Cooperative