Energy Storage World Forum

May 8 to 12, 2017 - Berlin, Germany

Energy Storage World Forum

At Energy Storage World Forum / Residential Energy Storage Forum over 30 Speakers from the utilities, TSO, and DSO sectors will present more than 60 thoroughly researched topic titles including:

  • What Niche Energy Storage Technologies Are Being Developed And Adapted For The Residential Market?
  • Quantifying The Performance Of Residential Energy Storage Systems And Their Impact And Benefits For Utilities
  • Balancing Customer Expectations For Their Energy Storage System With Provision Of Grid Services Including Voltage Regulation
  • What Security Vulnerabilities Can Be Introduced By Networking Residential Batteries And How Can They Be Addressed?
  • How Can Utilities And Regulators Maintain Equity Among Customers With Widely Differing Situations?
  • Examining The Potential For Residential Customers To Host Energy Storage Operated By DSOs
  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Managing Voltage With Utility Side Assets And Residential Customer Batteries?
  • When Will The Economics And Practicalities Of Grid Defection Work Out And How Should Utilities Respond?
  • Providing Voltage Regulation To Utility Standards Of Reliability By Controlling Residential Customer Batteries
  • Harnessing The Energy Storage Control And Optimization Market At National Or State Level To Ensure Maximum System Benefits
  • Examining ROI Of Storage By Examining Results From Residential PV Application With Batteries
  • To What Extent Does The Market Need Customer Storage Incentives To Achieve The Desired System Outcomes From Residential Energy Storage?
  • Developing Tariff Structures That Encourage Solar Self Consumption To Reduce Reverse Network Flows And Voltage Excursions
  • Predicting the Killer Application For Residential Energy Storage And Winning Mass Penetration

Building The Action Plan (BAP)

The “Building The Action Plan” session is a unique feature of the Energy Storage World Forums and in Berlin it will be tailored according to the delegates requests. This has proven to be an invaluable session that will give you a tangible action list that you can take back to your office thus helping you in your future strategy and technology meetings.

Breakfast With The Utilities

15 different Utilities/TSOs/DSOs have been selected for taking part in an exclusive breakfast at the 5 Star hotel in Berlin to discuss the key steps that need to take place in order to move forward the energy storage strategy in Berlin.

34 Utilities Speakers (TSOs + DSOs) + Exclusive Networking

Over 80% of the Speakers in this Forum are end users covering researched topics. The speakers, the selective participants, as well as the 5 Star Hotel, will create a unique business experience from the usual exhibitions and trade fairs. This in turn will offer the sponsors and the delegates the unique opportunity to create a memorable business conversation with only relevant partners.

Forum Masterclass – Energy Storage Business Case Set Up

The Forum Masterclass, to be held Tuesday 9th May 2017, has the goal to enable the audience to understand storage from an economic point of view. It has been designed to segment the market, identify profitable niches for storage, and learn how to set up a business case for storage. One important tool for both residential and grid storage is weather analysis, which will be presented in detail. The participants are not required to be fluent in energy storage challenges and technologies. By being part of this Masterclass, participants will be better prepared to create an action plan within their own organizations.

Held consecutively, Energy Storage World Forum and Residential Energy Storage Forum can be booked together or separately.