Energy Quest 2018

September 10 to 12, 2018 - New Forest, UK

Energy Quest 2018

The 3rd International Conference on Energy Production and Management: The Quest for Sustainable Energy, follows the very successful meetings held in Ekaterinburg (2014) and Ancona (2016). The aim of the meeting is to discuss the future of energy production and management in a changing world.

The objective is to compare conventional energy sources, particularly hydrocarbons, with a number of other ways of producing energy, emphasizing new technological developments, based on renewable resources such as solar, hydro, wind, and geothermal.

A key issue is the conversion of new sustainable sources of energy into useful forms (electricity, heat, fuel), while finding efficient ways of storage and distribution. In many cases the challenges lie as much with production of such renewable energy at an acceptable cost, including damage to the environment, as with integration of those resources into the existing infrastructure.

The changes required to progress from an economy based mainly on hydrocarbons to one taking advantage of sustainable energy resources are massive and require considerable scientific research as well as the development of advanced engineering systems. Such progress demands close collaboration between different disciplines in order to arrive at optimum solutions.

The Conference also discusses the energy use of industrial processes, including the embedded energy contents of materials, such as those in the built environment. Energy production, distribution and usage, result in environmental risks which need to be better understood. They are part of the energy economics and relate to human environmental health as well as ecosystems behavior.

An important objective of the conference is to discuss ways in which more efficient use can be made of conventional as well as new energy sources. This relates to savings in energy consumption, reduction of energy losses, as well as the implementation of smart devices and the design of intelligent distribution networks.

All published papers from previous meetings are permanently archived in the Wessex Institute e-library ( where they are freely available to the international community.

Some of the topics to be presented at Energy Quest 2018 include:

  • Energy policies
  • Energy management and economics
  • Energy generation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy and the city
  • Energy security
  • Smart networks
  • Energy networks
  • Processing of oil and gas
  • Emissions
  • Renewable energies
  • Biomass and biofuels
  • Waste to energy
  • Energy and the built environment
  • Energy storage
  • Automization of energy systems
  • Energy conversion
  • Hybrid energy systems
  • Energy recovery
  • Emergent applications
  • Nuclear energy
  • Environmental impact
  • Safety management
  • Energy and climate change