Energy Executive Forum

May 10 to 13, 2016 - Miami, Florida, USA

Energy Executive Forum

DNV GL’s 2016 Energy Executive Forum will offer groundbreaking insights and a strategic vision built through collaboration across the entire energy value chain, essential dialogue, in-depth discussions, and innovative breakout sessions. This year we are reimagining the energy future, providing a unique platform where the role of the energy company, the consumer, and products and services are examined within the broader context of the massive changes affecting the industry.

“The increasing primacy of the customer, coupled with a convergence of business models, is causing a transformation within the energy industry,” says Soner Kanlier, Vice President of Competitive Energy Markets. “The Energy Executive Forum will put a lens to the marketplace by bringing together leaders from utilities, competitive energy providers, distributed energy providers, and big brands for strategic discussions, key insights, and dynamic collaboration across the converging energy value chain.”

The Forum will focus on the customers’ needs, business capabilities, and policy reach and include key experts across all stakeholder industries including Utilities, Competitive Energy Providers, Distributed Energy Resource Providers, Big Brands, and Financial and Software companies. At the conclusion of The Forum, attendees will leave with strategic insights to build a targeted blueprint for capturing the customer.

Important Questions We’ll Be Tackling Together:

  • What’s happening now?
  • What will happen in the future?
  • How is it going to happen?

Integrated Research and Insights

Our dialogue will be enhanced by incorporating insights gleaned from proprietary industry and customer surveys performed by DNV GL experts and J.D. Power. This information will inform and frame our discussions throughout the forum. In addition, Forum attendees will be the first to learn about this critically important research on the state of the energy industry and the wants and needs of customers.

Event Experience

Attendees at this year’s Forum will also be able to customize their event experience, with an expanded mobile app, collaborative and innovative Master Classes to provide deep dives on targeted subjects, and access to the full market for broader insights and networking.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this innovative event. Be prepared to be challenged, share insights, and rise to the challenge of the rapidly changing energy marketplace.