Dubai Green Hotel Innovation

November 28 & 29, 2016 - Dubai, UAE

Dubai Green Hotel Innovation

With 300 hotels in the pipeline to open before 2020, adding to approximately 700 hotels currently operating in Dubai, the environmental impact of the sector from natural resource usage is set to rise. With plans to host 20 million tourists a year by 2020, there is rising importance of having strong environmental measures and sustainability strategies for Dubai’s hotel sector.

To promote the adoption of environmental sustainable practices in the tourism sector, Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is developing ideas and frameworks to ensure that hotels leverage on alternative energy sources such as solar power, greener transport such as electric vehicles, better waste management and recycling systems and make greater use of locally sourced food supplies. Earlier in April this year, DTCM launched Dubai Green Tourism Programme (DGTP)to encourage hotels to adopt sustainability practices.

Dubai Green Hotel Innovation is envisioned to support the Emirate’s green economy initiatives, by providing a platform for hoteliers to discuss strategies to reduce the hospitality industry’s carbon footprint and achieve greater environmental sustainability. The event will also showcase innovative energy efficient solutions during refurbishing and retrofitting, as well as discuss energy and environmental designs, which can help hoteliers to achieve reduced operating costs and improve sustainable performance.

Dubai Green Hotel Innovation will discuss the latest green initiatives across the Emirate, and the implications on the hospitality industry, as well as best practices and the latest technology for reducing operating costs and improving sustainable performance through the adoption of eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions.

Topic Highlights

  • Latest updates on Dubai’s green tourism program and green economy initiatives and their implications on the Emirate’s hospitality sector
  • Sustainability strategies in reducing water and energy consumption, tools and technologies
  • Energy audit, assessment and implementation methods
  • Waste management and waste reduction strategies
  • Retrofit program for Dubai’s hospitality industry and upcoming opportunities: the adoption of green technology to achieve reduced operating costs and improve sustainable performance
  • Assessment and measurement of property’s sustainability achievements, potential hotel programs
  • Etihad ESCO’s role in financing the retrofit program for hotels
  • Case studies from leading hotel chains on achieving energy and water efficiency
  • Managing refurbishments in phases within a live hotel environment
  • Sustainable practices for designing and building new hotels

Top Reasons To Attend

  • Learn more about Dubai’s green economy initiatives and its green tourism program
  • Evaluate the best practices and the latest technology for reducing operating costs and improving sustainable performance
  • Discover the importance of implementing these strategies in meeting DTCM’s requirements
  • Examine proposals and methods for developing eco-friendly and energy efficient hotels