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Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.

Windsor, Connecticut, USA

Infinity was formed to develop the next generation of zero gravity hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells based upon PEM technology and to develop regenerative fuel cell systems as energy storage devices.

The Infinity team has proven its capability through years of performance as leaders and pioneers in the fuel cell and hydrogen industry. The personal background of our management includes nearly 150 years of related experience at United Technologies, GE and Proton Energy Systems. We also have a track record of creating and innovating holding over 50 patents among us. Infinity’s technology strategy leverages Infinity’s own know-how and pending-patents with technology from industry leaders creating an aggressive and protective technology position.

Infinity’s regenerative fuels cell systems have undergone continuous development and improvement through a series of R&D contracts including three from the US Navy Air Weapons Center in China Lake. The systems include Infinity’s control scheme and interfaces to solar panels, electrolyzer, hydrogen storage systems and a fuel cell.

NASA has funded the development of Infinity’s Advanced Product Water Removal (APWR) fuel cell that is a non-flow through design with passive water removal, thus eliminating a significant parasitic balance of plant load plus the inherent reliability issues of rotating support equipment employed by flow-through designs. This advanced design was awarded a 2011 R&D 100 award for breakthrough technical innovation. In addition to zero gravity applications, this fuel cell is appropriate for any demanding air-independent environment where compact reliable performance is required.