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Tennessee, USA

A leader in the boiler relocation and retrofit industry, SCS has been trusted for more than 20 years to provide our customers with experience and knowledge unmatched in the field for the retrofit of used and existing fossil fuel fired boilers to burn a variety of biomass fuels in order to provide “green” power and steam for the independent utility, pulp & paper and wood products industries. SCS combines an industry leading team of seasoned management, a continuous workforce and financial stability.

SCS has developed a reputation of providing quality solutions to each customer’s individual needs, faster completion, quicker response, reduced project costs, and quality customer service. We pride ourselves on thinking “Out of the Box” to provide our customers with solutions and welcome the challenge of solving issues all within the given budget constraints.

Many plants designed and built by SCS produce green energy from renewable biomass fuels including wood waste, TDF, bagasse and paper-mill sludge. Much of the fuel used in these plants would otherwise go to landfills and decompose into CO2.

The top 5 reasons customers choose SCS for their energy, construction and maintenance solutions:

  • Design/Build Project Philosophy
  • SCS Reputation
  • Experience
  • Conservative Design
  • High Quality Installation