Alter NRG

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Alter NRG provides clean energy solutions that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

At Alter NRG, we realize that for clean technologies to be commercially applied they need to make both economic and environmental sense. Alter NRG has two market leading technologies that make both economic and environmental sense. Our objective is to turn each growth technology into greater than $100 million in revenues by 2012.

Plasma Gasification – Alter NRG owns the industry leading plasma gasification company, Westinghouse Plasma Corporation, that provides clean and renewable energy solutions from a variety of low-value inputs such as waste and biomass. The technology is commercially proven with facilities operating since 2002.

Geoexchange – Alter NRG owns an industry leading geoexchange company called CleanEnergy. CleanEnergy provides heating and cooling for homes and buildings by harnessing the energy from the earth. Using the free energy in the earth to heat and cool homes and buildings avoids the use of fossil fuels by up to 80% reducing both the carbon footprint and operating costs of the home or building.

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