ITEC Refining and Marketing

Barrington, Illinois, USA

As a leading bioethanol and biofuels marketing and distribution company, we at ITEC care about our relationships with our customers.

Our goal for our biofuels customers is to help you choose the most viable, sustainable and high performance biofuel products available meeting the most demanding and stringent automotive requirements within our global fuels industry.

For our bioethanol customers seeking industrial and beverage alcohol we strive to assist you in the selection of the best alternative formulations within the parameters of your production criteria at the most cost-effective options available within the marketplace.

Our expertise in logistics enables ITEC to schedule “just-in-time” inventory controls, which translates to your receiving greater cash flows and higher bottom line profits.

Our value added approach is achieved through sourcing and supply of products meeting the highest quality and standards and assuring safe and timely delivery.

ITEC maintains these standards through “service excellence.”

ITEC’s current business model is primarily focused on the sale and distribution of bioethanol for the automotive fuel markets in the United States, Brazil, Western Europe, and the Pacific Basin. These markets are handled through the movement of ethanol products in bulk, rail cars, iso-tankers, and parcel chemical tankers.

ITEC is also actively involved in the marketing and distribution of beverage and industrial alcohols for the use in the beverage, chemical and medical industries globally. The transportation of these ethanol products is also handled in bulk in tank trucks and iso-tankers for North American deliveries and in containers, iso-tankers and parcel chemical tanker shipments for international sales.

Since its formation, ITEC has over the years maintained regional offices and or a global presence through either its own offices or agency relationships in Brazil, Western Europe, Southeastern Asia and Bashkortostan.

ITEC is the project developer of the Algonquian Ethanol Plant LLC (AEP), which will be an ethanol manufacturing plant in Princeton, Illinois located 114 miles southwest of Chicago. The ethanol production plant has been fully permitted with the State of Illinois for the construction of a 117 million gallon per year (MMGY) corn based ethanol plant. The project is temporarily on hold due to the currently unfavorable global economic conditions. New technologies being developed by other industry stakeholders should provide a very substantial reduction in net operating expenses.