Natural Power

Castle Douglas, Scotland

The Natural Power Group is an independent renewable energy consultancy with over 14 years of expertise. We provide practical consulting, management service, and product innovations across the wind, marine, biomass, and solar sectors.

Employing over 220 people worldwide, we have worked on more than 25GW of client projects across Europe and the Americas, whilst also providing extensive due diligence services on portfolios and projects on behalf of major lenders, investors and financial institutions. The group includes offshore experts SeaRoc, Turkish based consultancy re-consult and has a number of strategic relationships and framework agreements with other parties. Our offices and local expertise can be found across multiple sites in the UK, France, Chile and the US. The range and depth of our technical and project skills, tools and experience, both onshore and offshore, is unique within renewable energy consulting.

We are pioneers in bringing new technologies, methodologies and best practices to the forefront of the industry in order to tackle our clients’ most complex and challenging issues. Our project management experience allows us to be both truly practical and innovative consultants.