Digital Utilities Europe 2017

May 10 & 11, 2017 - London, UK

Digital Utilities Europe 2017

Digital Utilities Europe 2017 will bring together senior representatives and stakeholders from the utilities sector and address the challenges of digitisation in the industry. The two-day event will give attendees an insight into business cases, technological advancements, and related financial aspects which affect utility companies now and will do so in the future.

Through discussion and interactive networking sessions, Digital Utilities Europe 2017 will allow you to explore successful digitization of business using the most recent of case studies.

The conference will also provide an insight into the latest development strategies, innovations, cyber security, and customer experience while analysing the possible consequences of operational challenges, the possibilities arising from the Internet of Things, smart home developments, the sharing economy, consumer produced energy, customer experience, and much more.

Digital Utilities Europe 2017 is designed with special interest to CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and Heads of Digital Innovation, IT, solutions, and new technologies of:

  • Power generation, transmission, distribution and supply companies, utilities, electricity retailers, TNOs/TSOs, and DNOs/DSOs
  • Water and gas utilities companies
  • Communications providers, data processing, analytics, services providers, and consultants

Conference topics include:

  • Building Digital Utility & Digital Transformation
  • Advancing Innovation in Utility Sector
  • Development of Digital Business Models
  • New and Changing Markets of Energy Retail
  • Rationalising Value of Digital Technology
  • Data-Driven Utility Consumer Engagement in Digital Communities
  • Leveraging Digital Platforms to Promote Digital Revolutions in Utilities
  • Smart Grid Developments in Europe
  • The Value of Brand for Utilities
  • Consumer Trends in the Age of Mass Disruption
  • The Achievements with Smart Meter Rollout across Europe
  • Success With Digitisation, and what About Sustainability?
  • Energy Efficiency in Smart Homes
  • What is the Future of Digital Skills?
  • Latest Technological Innovations, Big Data and Smart Energy Analytics
  • Cyber Security: Safety and Stability of the Grids